Marty is a lazy cub Villager with a name that is pretty damn spot on. However, he’s one of the rare Villagers that wasn’t in any game from release. Instead, he’s been added via an update. We think you know what that means. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Marty Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Marty. We’ll also throw in some details that you probably didn’t know, just to help you get the most out of your time in the game.

Who is Marty?

who is marty
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Marty, as we’ve said, is a lazy cub Villager. Unlike many other Villagers, he was added to the Animal Crossing series in an update. This was the Amiibo card update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

In that game, he lives in a trailer until invited to stay in the player’s town. His card is part of the Sanrio pack of cards that you can still buy for the game.

Like every RV Villager, he needs to have his house fully removed before being invited back to a town. He wasn’t actually part of New Horizons at launch. He was added back into the series with update 1.9.0. With this update, you can now scan cards to add him back into the game.

It seems like Marty is based on Pompompurin. This is a character introduced in Japan by a company called Sanrio. The Sanrio Amiibo cards added multiple characters, including Marty. They’re all based off of unique characters and have unique items and appearances in the game.

You might not know what Pompompurin is. In fact, it’s a golden retriever, which is very strange when you consider that Marty is a cub.


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Marty’s birthday is April 16. On this date, you need to find him, and he won’t be out and about. Head to his house and celebrate with him.

There, he’ll be hanging out with other villagers who have come over to celebrate. Everyone will take part in party games, smashing an animal of some sort, and sharing cakes. You can get one or two of these cakes, and they’ll help you when building later on in the game.

Make sure you give him a present. By doing this, you’ll improve your relationship with him. This is incredibly important with all villagers, but particularly those living on your island.

Marty’s Personality

martys personality
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As we’ve pointed out a couple of times, Marty is a lazy Villager. This is a pretty good personality for a Villager to have. That’s because they adore the laid-back lifestyle and generally relaxing.

He really enjoys fishing, eating, and relaxing, which is what all lazy Villagers enjoy. If this sounds like you, then get a few of these Villagers on your island.

As a lazy Villager, Marty is going to get on well with most other Villagers you’ll have on your island. With that said, he’s certainly going to annoy jock Villagers. These Villagers can’t understand why anyone would be so lazy and not look after their body.

The opposite of what a jock Villager is really. With other lazy Villagers though, he’ll get along with them like a house of fire. They will generally discuss food and comics.

Other personality types that Marty will get on with include peppy, normal, smug, and sisterly Villagers. Unfortunately, he won’t get on with cranky and snooty Villagers. That’s because they care a lot about what others think, and they don’t like that lazy Villagers ignore everyone else.

Marty’s Appearance

martys appearance
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Marty is a cub Villager, and he’s bright yellow. His name is probably a reference to the fact that he’s a bear, but we can’t be sure. He has an acorn hat on his head, and he likes to wear bright yellow clothes. This makes him quite garish to look at, but that’s what many players love about him.

He looks like a collectible bear, which we think he probably is in many ways. He’s meant to resemble this because he’s part of a collectible card pack in a game about collecting Villagers.

Marty’s House

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Marty Villager Guide
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The exterior of Marty’s House matches his appearance. It’s got a dark roof and yellow walls. This is also garish.

However, if you’re collecting houses that look a certain way, then this is a good Villager to go for. It’s also a rare house because you’ve got to claim this Villager through Amiibo cards and not through standard play. This makes the house even more desirable, though only to those fans of Animal Crossing: New Leaf who know Marty.

Inside, Marty’s House is very unique. Everything is styled after his smiling t-shirt, and that’s what makes it worth having on your island. Everything is bright yellow, to the point where it hurts your eyes. He has lined wallpaper and checked flooring, and generally as much yellow stuff as he can get a hold of.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he has some unique recipes associated with him.

Facts About Marty

One of the most interesting things about Marty is that he’s actually based on a dog character. Weirdly, the developers made him a cub Villager, but this might be to have some differentiation between their game and the one that inspired Marty. For those who know what he’s based on, this is a source of constant confusion.

If you’ve ever spoken to Marty on April Fool’s Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you know something interesting about him that many won’t. On this day, if you speak to him, he reveals that he’s the eldest of two siblings. This could be a reference to the character he’s based on, or a hint at another character in the Animal Crossing universe.

Similar to other Villagers, you’ll find that Marty is afraid of the Ghost Mask in this game. If you ever wear it around him, he’ll be terrified until you reveal who you are. This is a good way to have a laugh at his expense. If you like him though, you should avoid doing this. It might harm your relationship.