Pekoe is a normal cub Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She’s actually one of the more normal Villagers in this game and the entire series as a whole. She doesn’t have an appearance that makes her look like food or an object, but she does have a unique appearance. That’s part of what makes her worth looking for so that you can recruit her for your island. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pekoe Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about this Villager. We’ll even dump some facts on you that you probably didn’t even know.

Who is Pekoe?

who is pekoe
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As we’ve already briefly mentioned, Pekoe is a normal cub Villager. She’s not been part of the franchise for long, having been first introduced in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Her name could be derived from a term in Japan that’s used to refer to unopened leaf buds in tea flushes. Her phrase, “bud,” could also be a massive reference to this. You can add in yet another tea reference here, because her Japanese name is actually Jasmine. This is a type of tea as well as a tree.

Pekoe’s appearance resembles that of June, who is another cub Villager that has been part of the Animal Crossing series for a while now. Something you may not notice is that Pekoe is on the album cover for Imperial K.K. too. She’s got a unique dress on and her appearance is also incredibly distinct. She’d fit in with any of the themed Villagers, but it seems as though she’s just a character, not a reference to something in real life.


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Pekoe’s birthday is May 18. On that date, she’ll be hanging out in her house waiting for other Villagers to come over and celebrate with her. You should try to as well since you’ll get to take part in all of the festivities. There will be a game to play, and you’ll even get yourself a piece of cake. This is handy for when you’re working on your island later on in the game. Finally, you can also boost your relationship with Pekoe on this day more than any other. That’s because you can give her a gift. If you do, it’ll give your relationship with her a boost, and that will further your friendship in the game. She’ll also be likely to give you a gift in return, which is always nice to have.

Pekoe’s Personality

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Pekoe has possibly the best personality in the entire spectrum available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As a normal Villager, she will frequently act kindly towards you. This is something that all normal Villagers do, and it can be a huge chance of scene if you’ve had nothing but cranky Villagers to date. Normal Villagers will also get on well with other personality types, including peppy, smug, lazy, normal, and snooty Villagers. This is because they’re well-mannered and want to be friends with everyone. They don’t want to cause any trouble.

The two personality types that Pekoe might not get on with are sisterly and cranky. These personality types don’t often get on with anyone, so it’s nothing specific. It can be incredibly annoying if these are the only other personality types you happen to have though. Be sure to introduce others with Pekoe ends up joining you. Finally, one of Pekoe’s best qualities from the normal personality type is that she’ll be up at 6 AM every day. This is a quirk that all normal Villagers have, and it makes the world of difference.

If you pick this game up and play it early on in the day before work or school, then Pekoe will be one of the few Villagers who is up and going with you at the same time.

Pekoe’s Appearance

pekoes appearance
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We’ve alluded to this a few times in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pekoe Villager Guide. Pekoe’s appearance is something that you don’t see very often. It’s unique to her without being based on food or some other type of theme. Her fur is mainly cream-colored, and she has almond-shaped eyes with light blue irises. She’s also got rosy cheeks that match the pink of her hands and feet. This is a cute touch that makes her stand out from the crowd.

Usually, you’ll see Pekoe’s hair in bangs around her face. At the start, she’ll wear her unique top, the Hot Springs Shirt. It looks exactly like what you’d expect to see the staff in a hot springs escape or spa wearing. It stands out but is beautiful all the same. There’s no sense of being in your face or trying to show off. Finally, you may notice a few things about her that are reminiscent of traditional Chinese themes. This is deliberate, and that’s exactly what the developers were going for. Even her western name, Pekoe, sounds as if it’s Chinese.

Pekoe’s House

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Pekoe Villager Guide
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Pekoe’s unique look extends all the way into her house, and it’s incredible. The exterior looks like a Chinese shrine that you might see in a garden. It’s red and has lots of interesting angles to give it an eye-catching look. The door has a Chinese symbol on it, and there’s a red lantern hanging to the left of it as well. All of this makes for a lovely-looking house. If you want some unique houses, then you need to be adding Pekoe to your list of Villagers to collect. Otherwise, you’re really missing out.

The interior of Pekoe’s home is just as unique. It’s got all the red Chinese furniture you could want. There’s also a pot with some Jasmine branches in. These are a reference to her Japanese name. She has a tea set on the table to show that she is always ready for guests, suiting her lovely normal personality type.

Facts About Pekoe

There’s little more to know about Pekoe, but we do have a few facts. If you speak to her on April Fool’s Day, she’ll tell you that she’s the eldest of six children. This could just be a prank though, so don’t read too much into it. The second fact is one we’ve sort of already covered. Her Japanese name, Jasmine, is a direct reference to Jasmine tea. This is a very popular type of tea in Japan.