Flora is a peppy ostrich Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You might disagree having seen her, but we’ll explain why she’s not actually a flamingo further down in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Flora Villager Guide. There’s a lot to cover with Flora, and we’re even going to throw in some facts that you might not have known before now. Let’s start off with who she is.

Who is Flora?

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As we’ve mentioned, Flora is a peppy ostrich Villager, not a flamingo. She first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and has the same picture quote as Nana from Animal Crossing: Wild World. This could indicate that they’re related in some way. Her name is actually a reference to Florida, which is where flamingos are known for living.

The thing that really stands out for her is the fact that she looks just like a flamingo. It’s such an odd thing to see in the game. However, there are also plenty of other Villagers who look like objects and animals that they aren’t. It’s strange that the developers didn’t directly add a flamingo animal type into the game for Flora. If they do in the future, she’ll look terribly out of place as a result.


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Flora’s birthday is February 9. On that day she’ll be hanging out in her house waiting for others to come and celebrate with her. You should go over and take part in the celebrations yourself. There are party games to take part in, and even some presents to unwrap. You need to bring one of your own to give her, though. There is also some cake on offer if you go. This can be used later in the game to boost your abilities when building a little. The ultimate benefit here is to your relationship with Flora. Make the most of this time and take that relationship to the next level.

Flora’s Personality

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Flora has the peppy personality type, so she’s in a good mood most of the time. As a result, she’s also a lot easier to get on with than other Villagers are. You’ll find that developing your relationship is so much easier as well. However, Flora likes to overreact in conversations, and this gets old very quickly. She’ll suddenly start beaming at the good news, and go crazy if you have bad news. This is the case with all Villagers though, so it’s not just you. Make sure you avoid her when she’s in a crowd though, she’s almost unbearable.

Like all peppy Villagers, Flora is incredibly hard to discourage. She’ll generally complete a task if she sets out to do it. Most of all, she’ll be steadfastly determined in her hobby, play. Her dream is to one day become famous and get on the cover of Ms. Nintendique. This is a magazine in the Animal Crossing universe that players can’t read.

The most annoying thing about peppy Villagers is their short attention span. Flora will really struggle to remember anything you say. However, this is great if you annoy her or fail to complete her quests. Just give her a little time and you’ll be able to go back to her as if nothing has happened. Unfortunately, she also won’t remember any of the things you’ve done for her.

Peppy Villagers like Flora generally get on well with peppy, sisterly, normal, jock, and lazy personality types. These all have a similar vibe to peppy villagers, and pretty much anything they do can be seen in a good light. The Villagers that won’t get along with Flora are cranky and snooty ones. That’s because they hate everyone, but especially those who are trying to be better than them. They can’t stand an upbeat personality.

Flora’s Appearance

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The most interesting thing about Flora is the way she looks. She’s an ostrich, but she looks like a flamingo. This seems to be more of a technicality though, since Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t have a separate body type for flamingos. She’s got long legs, a long neck, and she’s covered in pink feathers. Her beak is black and curves down too, as a real flamingo’s does.

The thing you’ll notice about her are the pink feathers and beautiful tail, which is massive and includes various pink shades to it. This is where she really stands out from the crowd. She’ll also often wear summer t-shirts that accentuate her coloring. This is all part of making her look as pink as she possibly can though. (advair diskus)

Flora’s House

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Flora Villager Guide
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The exterior of Flora’s home is extremely normal. It’s brown with a grey roof, and gives nothing away about the Villager who dwells there. If you are looking for standard houses for your island, this is as basic as they get.

The interior is a little strange though. The wallpaper is a lake view, and the floor is designed to look like a pond. There are log benches around the pond, and then there are a number of flamingo garden ornaments placed around the pond.

When Flora stands next to all of this, she looks like she belongs. Her appearance makes sense. It’s restricted to these four walls though. That might be why the developers made her house look this way. At least, if nowhere else, she fits in with everything within her home.

Facts About Flora

Flora has the same catchphrase as the Villager called Pinky. This is restricted to the English version of the game though. What this might indicate is that the translator for the game was different to past games, which is why this wasn’t picked up. However, it may also be deliberate.

Interestingly, Flora has the same birthday as another Villager, Cleo. This has to be the case for some Villagers because there is more than one for every day of the year. If you have both of these Villagers on your island, you’ll be able to double up on the birthday fun. Just make sure you have enough presents to go around.