Pietro is hands down the most terrifying Villager you’ll encounter in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He’s a sheep Villager, but you wouldn’t know it underneath all of his clown makeup. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pietro Villager Guide, we’ll be covering everything there is to know about this guy. Though we may never get to the bottom of why he looks the way he does.

Who is Pietro?

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As I mentioned earlier, Pietro is a sheep Villager. He’s also smug, which can be off-putting for quite a few of your other Villagers. His name is thought to be a play on the word Piero. This is the Japanese word for clown, which is definitely what he’s all about. The French word for clown is Pierrot, which is also incredibly close to what this guy’s name is. His hobby is music, so you can be that you’ll see him around singing his heart out with the likes of Zucker.


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Pietro’s birthday is on April 19. During this day, you’ll find him back in his house. He’ll be celebrating by eating cake and playing games. You can join in if you want. It’s also worth giving him a gift at this time. This will improve your relationship with him, and make him more likely to give you gifts in the future. You’ll also get some cake out of seeing him, which is only beneficial.

Pietro’s Personality

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Pietro is a smug Villager. This means that he’s very kind and polite to other Villagers. He gets along with most of them as well as a result. This is because smug Villagers basically have a mixture of personality types. It’s something that all the other Villagers latch onto and respond to.

However, you’ll find Pietro stroking his ego quite a lot of the time as well. This is what smug Villagers do. If you don’t like it, you’re going to have to stay away from him.

The Villagers that Pietro will probably always get on with are normal, lazy, peppy, and snooty personality types. In addition, he’ll conflict with cranky Villagers, but everyone does.

Pietro’s Appearance

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You can’t look at Pietro and miss the fact that he looks like a clown. That isn’t an insult. He genuinely looks like he’s covered in clown paint. However, this isn’t paint at all, it’s his real appearance. He’s got the distinctive red nose, the large red lips, and his horns look like curly blue hair. His white face and red hooves don’t help the matter. The fact that he also basically wears a clown suit completes the look.

Interestingly, his left eye has a heart around it, and there’s a blue teardrop below the right one. It’s almost like deliberate clown paint.

The fact that his clothes are referred to as the Jester Costume says it all really. I do love that there’s a sheep in this game that can’t help but look like a clown, but it’s too sad when he expresses anything but happiness.

Pietro’s House

The house that Pietro lives in isn’t as wacky as you’d expect. At least in Animal Crossing: New Horizons it isn’t. In New Leaf, his house was a lot more colorful, and resembles an ice cream cone with random flavors. Inside it wasn’t much better, with all sorts of crazy furniture everywhere.

the exterior of his New Horizons house is light blue with a green door. The red roof completes a very charming building. You wouldn’t think that a sheep that looks like a clown lives here.

Inside, the house in New Horizons is full of all sorts of party games. There’s not even a bed to speak of, just a couple of benches. Clearly Pietro has gone all out on the clown aesthetic. Unfortunately, I think that’s just his personal taste. He really has no idea what he’s doing.

Facts About Pietro

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In May 2020, Pietro was actually the center of a lot of controversy in the Animal Crossing community. He’s the Villager that everyone loves to hate. Most of the community posts hateful memes about him. They also try to get him off their island as soon as possible.

This is because he doesn’t look like he fits in. Many players want a specific collection of Villagers. Some want all the octopus Villagers, others want to have the most popular for the month. Sadly though, Pietro doesn’t fit in with anyone else.

Despite being in past games as well, Pietro has yet to find anyone like him. He’s the only Villager that looks this ridiculous by default. That’s why so many players started to discuss why they hated him so much. This controversy increased around YouTube videos and Twitch streams. Polygon even wrote an article on it.

However, things did start to change. A shift in perspective saw players start to love Pietro again. This was a backlash to that initial hate. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has always been a relaxing and friendly game, so there’s no place for hate in it. The movement went further, though. Players genuinely started to love him and actively looked for him for their islands.

This is just one of the touching stories that came out of the game over the course of 2020.


Overall, Pietro is a pretty good Villager. He’s fun to look at, and his house is absolutely mental. The fact that he’s gone from being one of the most hated Villagers to one of the most loved also helps his case. I think he’s a great addition to any island, but it depends on the aesthetic you’re going for.

He would fit in very well with other unique Villagers, ones that don’t seem to have a place anywhere else in the world. Raymond is one that springs to mind because of his beautiful eyes.

Have a good long look at Pietro and see if you can find it in your heart to invite him to stay with you. I’m sure he’d love to be your friend and fellow islander.