Dartmoor is the location in Hitman 3 that most players enjoy the most. That’s because it’s the scene of a murder mystery, as long as you want it to be. One of the story missions sees players uncover who murdered a family member here. If you complete it, you’ll be able to finish the main objectives as well. In this Hitman 3 All Clues and Suspects guide, we’ll cover exactly how to complete this story mission.

Hitman 3 All Clues and Suspects Guide

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Let’s start out with the very basics of this mission. You can start it by disguising yourself as the investigator. He is at the front gates of this location, very close to the spawn point for Agent 47. Once you’re disguised as him, you can explore most of the main house freely. You’ll need to speak to your target, Alexa Carlisle, first to start this story mission though.

After speaking to Alexa, you need to speak to Mr. Fernsby, the butler. He’ll guide you to Zachary’s room, where you’ll begin the mission proper. From here, you need to find all the clues and speak to every family member to solve the mystery.

We should add that there’s a time limit on getting all of this done under certain conditions. We won’t spoil anything. While you’ve got roughly 40 minutes, someone else will kill Alexa Carlisle if you take too long. If you want to get this story mission done, speed your way through all of the clues below.

Zachary’s Bedroom Clues

This room has a total of six clues to uncover. They are as follows.

  1. Zachary’s Body
  2. Zachary’s Suicide Note
  3. Whisky Glass and Wine Bottle
  4. Zachary’s Laptop
  5. Mansion Floor Plan
  6. Secret Room

All of the clues are in the room, apart from the Mansion Floor Plan. When you unlock the Secret Room, you’ll discover the item in there. Otherwise you’ll be able to see all of the other clues by looking around the room using instinct.

Emma and Gregory’s Room Clues

After Zachary’s room, you’ll be able to explore any room you want to in the mansion. Inside of Emma and Gregory’s you’ll need to find four clues. These are as follows.

  1. Greenhouse Key Chain
  2. Bulldog Cane
  3. Shoes and Footprints
  4. Letter From Emma’s Mother

The best way into this room is with a crowbar. Just make sure no one sees you doing this. All of the evidence is in the room where you can see it pretty clearly. Use your camera to scan the footprints to ensure you get them counted as evidence.

Secret Room Clues

There’s a secret room on the floor above Emma and Gregory’s room. You open it with the Bulldog Cane that you find in their room. It’s an obscure place to find, and combining the item with the small hole in the ground outside of it is very tricky to pick up. If you do though, you’ll find Montgomery’s Long Lost Letter. With this letter in hand, you can convince Alexa Carlisle that Zachary committed suicide. Even though this is wrong, it’ll see you finish the mission. For the full story, follow the other clues.

Rebecca’s Room Clues

You’ll find Rebecca’s room on level 1 of the mansion. It’s only got two clues to find in it. They are as follows.

  1. Rebecca’s Laptop
  2. Rebecca’s Notebook

There’s very little to bother with in this room, but you need to look at the laptop and photograph the notebook for completion purposes. Then you can move on.

Mr. Fernsby’s Office Clues

Throughout this entire ordeal, Mr. Fernsby is a character of suspicion. His office is on the ground floor, but he won’t be letting you in himself. Instead, you need to break in there using the crowbar. You need to keep an eye out for Mr. Fernsby while doing this, because he’ll be along to check in on it. You’ve got three clues to pick up in this room. They are as follows.

  1. Mr. Fernsby’s List
  2. Mr. Fernsby’s Pills
  3. Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary

All of the evidence in this room is critical to solving the crime. Pick it all up and make sure that you’ve covered all three items. You don’t want to miss out on any in the final moments.

Greenhouse Clues

You’ll find the greenhouse at the back of the main house. It’s got one open door, and as the investigator, no one will question your presence there. You’ve got to find two clues in here. They are as follows.

  1. Poison Dosage Table
  2. Lab Equipment

The equipment is very easy to spot, but you’ll need to use the camera on the table to pick up the clue. Now, you can go to Alexa Carlisle and accuse someone. However, there is the matter of speaking to all the people in the house first.

Speak to Everyone

Part of this story mission is speaking to all the members of the Carlisle family, as well as a few members of staff. For completion purposes, it’s worth doing this. You only need to speak to everyone once, and then it’s done.

Present Your Findings

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With all of the above out of the way, it’s time to sit down with Alexa Carlisle and tell her who the killer is. With all of the information above, you’ll have three possible options. These are as follows.

  1. Accuse Zachary (suicide)
  2. Tell her it’s Mr. Fernsby
  3. Show her how it’s Emma

While any of these options will please Alexa, it’s Emma who is the real killer. In fact, if you repair the equipment in the Greenhouse, she’ll kill Alexa for you after a certain amount of time.

Once you’ve completed this mission, you can ask for the Case File as a reward. This will see Alexa get the Case File for you. After that, you can kill her and leave, your mission complete. If you want to keep a low profile, wait for her to go onto the balcony. You can push her over the edge and leave as if nothing has happened. This is by far the best Silent Assassin method of killing the target.