Punchy is a lazy cat Villager and may be one of the scariest we’ve seen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to date. It’s something about the way that his ears spike up when there’s no real reason for it. At least Ankha is an Egyptian-inspired sphinx character. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Punchy Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this creepy Villager, including some details that you won’t have known before today.

Who is Punchy?

who is punchy
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Punchy is a lazy cat Villager who looks about as lazy as they get. To date, he’s been in every Animal Crossing game apart from Animal Forest, though that might be because of his laziness and the fact that he’s a cat. Most people seem to think that his name comes from being groggy or punch drunk, as in when you’re a bit out of it because you’ve been punched a few too many times. He’s actually even on the cover of the original Animal Crossing if you look in the upper right-hand corner. His phrase in Animal Crossing: Wild World is said to relate to his easygoing demeanor, but it might also be that he doesn’t like speaking normally because he’s so lazy.


punchys birthday
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Punchy’s birthday is April 11. On this date, you’ll find him hanging out in his house with a load of other Villagers. They’ve all come over to celebrate with him. You should definitely do the same if you want to build up a good relationship with him. This can take time and seeing him on his birthday will give your relationship a big boost. There will be lots to do on his birthday, such as playing games and eating cake. You might want to save the cake you get for when you’re doing some strenuous building work on your island.

Another great thing about Punchy’s birthday is that you can use it to build your relationship even more. If you head over and give him a gift, it’ll give you a big bonus. This helps you push towards the top relationship level with very little overall effort. He’ll even give you a present in return a few days later because of this boost to your relationship.

Punchy’s Personality

punchys personality
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Punchy has the lazy personality, which can be good and can be bad. It depends on what type of Villagers you’re keen to have on your island. Overall, it makes him easy to get on with because he’s extremely laid back and always open for relaxing. Not all Villagers love this, but those that can tolerate it will at least enjoy his company. He’ll spend most of his time doing his hobby, fishing, sleeping, or relaxing. Lazy Villagers also really love comics, so look out for him reading.

Punchy isn’t going to gel quite well with jock Villagers. They have an active lifestyle and don’t understand anyone who likes to sit around doing nothing. In fact, it offends them most of the time. Other lazy Villagers though, he’ll get on with them extremely well. You’ll start to see them hanging out all over your island if you pay attention enough. Keep an eye out and you’ll even catch them reading together. Or sleeping on a bench at the same time.

The personality types that Punchy will get on with include peppy, smug, normal, sisterly, and the occasional cranky personality types. Snooty Villagers care a lot about their appearance, so they’ll sometimes be offended by Punchy. They don’t see the point of hanging around doing nothing all the time, and can’t seem to get over it when it comes to this personality type.

Punchy’s Appearance

punchys appearance
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One of the strangest things about Punchy is his ears. They’re massive and spiky and have no place being as high as they are. Still, it does make him stand out. Other than his ears and a check shirt, very little is different about him than any other cat Villager. You could say that his eyes are quite specific, but that’s only because they’re half-closed most of the time. This is because of his lazy personality, and it makes it come across very well.

Punchy’s House

punchys house
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Punchy actually has a really nice house, at least externally. It looks like it’s been built from wood, a visual we’re in love with. If you want something a bit less traditional on your island, but not something too crazy, then this is a good house to go with. You could get it up on a section of your island in amongst some trees and it would look perfect. Like a small hideaway where writers can go and write and think about nothing else.

Internally, the house isn’t bad. It’s just very sparse. It shows that Punchy clearly doesn’t like to have a lot of stuff, which is fine. The floor and walls make it look like a modern kitchen, but all he has is a bed, a table, and some blue furniture. It’s like walking into a showroom that no one could possibly exist in, and yet here he is. Still, if he likes it, it’s clean and tidy. That’s all that matters.

Facts About Punchy

To close out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Punchy Villager Guide, we want to throw some facts your way. Unfortunately, there’s very little to know about Punchy. He’s just a plain Villager, which should be obvious from the fact that he’s a cat. Still, there are a couple of facts of note that you might be interested to learn about.

First, he and Cheri are the first non-islanders to make their debut in Animal Forest +. It’s a very exciting claim to fame we know. Most players won’t care about this. In fact, it makes him quite boring because you see him at the start of every new playthrough.

Second, Punchy’s name in German is the same as Julian’s German name. Clearly, this is one area where multiple translators got their wires crossed. We think it’ll get patched out soon if it hasn’t been already. However, it is interesting to be able to see little points like this where the game isn’t totally polished. In a Nintendo published game, that’s so rare.