Julian is a much more standard Villager than most in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He’s a smug horse Villager who looks a lot like a unicorn, and that’s really the only quality that sets him apart from others. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Julian Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Julian. We’ll also throw in some of the facts that you won’t have been aware of until reading this article.

Who is Julian?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Julian Villager Guide
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As we mentioned above, Julian is a smug horse Villager. His unique feature is definitely the horn on his head, and it makes him stand out from every other horse Villager in the series. He’s got a pale blue tint to his hair, which makes it look like he smells like bubblegum. His name is said to be a reference to Julius Caesar, who claimed that he was related to the Roman goddess, Venus. His birthday is in March, which it’s thought is a reference to Idles of March, which is a play about Caesar’s assassination.

Interestingly, the Japanese name for Julian is the female variant of the word. This might be a way to emphasize the look of this Villager, potentially leaning into some gender assumptions. However, no word has come from the developers on this so it’s impossible to tell. It could also be a reference to Julii, which was Caesar’s historical family name. That would blend more with the other assumptions we’ve made.


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Julian’s birthday is on March 15. On this day, you’ll find him hanging out in his house. He’ll welcome other Villagers over to celebrate with him. This involves party games and even some cake. You can exchange a present with him, which will help you build up your relationship with him, and even get some cake to use at a later date. Using his birthday to develop your relationship really is the best idea because there are so few opportunities to push it up.

Julian’s Personality

julians personality
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As we’ve mentioned, Julian has the smug personality. As a result, Julian is very polite, almost gentlemanly, and really kind and polite to everyone around him. The best thing about smug Villagers is that they get on well with everyone. He tries his hardest to do this, and you can see the effort in everything he does.

As a general rule, smug Villagers get on well with normal, lazy, snooty, and peppy Villagers. The only personality type that they might annoy is cranky. If you have any cranky Villagers on your island, you should bear this in mind before you invite Julian to come and stay. It could cause some real problems for you later down the line.

The reason that smug Villagers get on well with so many others is that their personality seems to be a mix of all the other personality types. They can stroke their ego occasionally, but many personality types do this. Just watch out when Julian wants to show off, he’ll probably talk about his horn.

Julian’s Appearance

julians appearance
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If you’ve not noticed Julian’s appearance by now, then you’ve missed something key. He is one of the most striking and easy to identify Villagers in the series. His horn makes him look like a unicorn, and there aren’t any other unicorn Villagers in the series. He really is the only one. that’s probably why he’s so smug about his appearance.

Outside of that horn, Julian has pale blue fur that makes him look awesome. He wears cosmic outfits to accentuate this further, and it definitely helps. He looks like he’s dropped out of an alien spaceship and is ready to party in a disco. He also has some slightly darker hair on his head, though the effect of this is really lost on him because of his pale blue fur.

you can’t deny his fashion sense though.

Julian’s House

julians appearance
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The exterior of Julian’s home is very nice to look at. The brickwork is pale, and the roof and door are a dark green and blue. It goes very well together. This Villager could fit in net door to any other and there wouldn’t be an issue. Unless you’re looking for mental exteriors that is.

The interior does completely throw you though. It’s very similar to Tangy’s house. The floor is covered in snow and the wallpaper is starry. It’s like a snowy winter night. However, all the furniture is decadent and a little obscene. Julian loves statues, because of that Roman inspiration in his name, and he shows them off as much as possible. There’s not a statue in the game that you can’t find in his house.

His bed is a giant moon though. I think this is more of a reference to how unique unicorns are over anything else. Still, he could be from the moon.

Facts About Julian

facrs about julian
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Julian is actually one of several Villagers who are all based on mythological creatures. There are some others in the game, but he’s still restricted to a select sub-type of Villager that is very rare. If you wanted to collect them all, Julian might be the rarest of them all. So he’s well worth having on your island.

Julian has the music hobby, but you won’t realize how much he loves it until he lives with you. He’s absolutely obsessed by music, playing it at every opportunity.

Instead of a hot coffee, Julian actually prefers a hot spiced chai. This is his favorite drink, which is pretty strange. Though, when you consider that he’s a smug Villager, it all lines up and makes sense.

Finally, and this might not be so much of a surprise, Julian wants to be a clothes designer. His sense of style is a little off, but it’s definitely a sense that he and no one else has. He could take that to market and make a killing, as long as people knew he made the clothes. I’m surprised we haven’t already seen a line of Julian clothes hitting a high street store in the real world. There’s always time.