Some Villagers in Animal Crossing are obviously named after some sort of food or drink, and they wear it on their heads. Just look at Chai. However, there are others who have names that are much more subtle hints at some sort of food, but never a direct one. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sprinkle Villager Guide, we’re going to look at one such Villager. We’ll cover everything you need to know about the penguin Sprinkle, and even throw in some details you won’t have known before reading.

Who is Sprinkle?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Sprinkle Villager Guide
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Sprinkle is a peppy penguin Villager, making her one of the nicest you can hope to meet in the world. She’s actually a fairly new addition to the series, with her first appearance being in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you hadn’t guessed, her name is a reference to the sprinkles you put on ice cream. Since penguins are from a cold place in the world, this is a pretty clear reference. It’s a good one though, because penguins are the sprinkles on top of the ice, not the ice itself. You can see where the developers had fun with this one. Interestingly, her Japanese name and catchphrase are both references to a cold coffee, or frappe. Still, you can definitely put sprinkles on those.


sprinkles birthday
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Sprinkle’s birthday is February 20. On that date, you’ll find her hanging out at home waiting to celebrate with her friends. If you go to her house, you can celebrate with her. It’s well worth doing if you want to build up your relationship with her. This will also make her more likely to remain on your island and generally improve her function on it too.

At her house, you can play a game with her and some of the other Villagers. Once that’s over, you’ll all share in some cake. That can can be used later in the game to help you with building or digging. Don’t eat it all up right away or you’ll regret it. Finally, you should give Sprinkle a gift on this day. It will further build that relationship and see her become close to you. You’ll probably get a gift the very next day as well.

Sprinkle’s Personality

sprinkles personality
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Sprinkle has the peppy personality, one of the best in the game. It means that she’s in a good mood most of the day, and very rarely has another type of attitude. This does mean that she’ll overreact in conversations though. This is what all peppy Villagers do, and it gets annoying very quickly. Try to ignore it as you speak to her, otherwise it’ll drive you around the bend before too long.

Peppy Villagers can’t really be discouraged from doing anything, so if Sprinkle starts something, she’ll finish it. Her goal is to be in the Ms. Nintendique magazine that she reads all the time. While you can’t read it. certain other Villagers can, so it’s important to them.

One of the best things about Sprinkle being a peppy Villager is that she has barely any attention span. She’ll forget about talking to you just as soon as you walk away. This is great for if you annoy her or forget to complete a task for her. She’ll be angry for a few minutes, but soon forget that she’d asked you to do anything. Perfect for the player who is always terrible at that sort of thing.

Sprinkle is going to get on well with other peppy Villagers and jock, lazy, normal, and sisterly Villagers too. The only personality types that won’t get on with her are snooty and cranky types. They don’t understand why she’s so happy all the time, and find it boring. That’s great, because those Villagers are no fun on your island.

Sprinkle’s Appearance

sprinkles appearance
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You can see the ice cream inspiration in the way Sprinkle looks. At least she doesn’t look like she’s covered in them. Her hair is blue and looks to be styled in some sort of front bun. This looks like the peak of a swirl of ice cream, and it’s actually quite fun. If she’s a flavor, it’s mint. that color spreads across her back, as you’d expect to see in a dyed penguin. Her curly eyelashes make her look friendly and approachable, and she’s always rocking a lovely Christmas jumper. There’s very little that’s better to wear these days. All of this plays into the fact that she’s a penguin and would spend a lot of time in cold climates. It’s great to see that interpreted in such a fun way for the game.

Sprinkle’s House

sprinkles house
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The exterior of Sprinkle’s house isa little on the boring side, but it’s still quite nice. It’s a muted dark blue that looks a lot more natural than other colors. If you wanted to have more houses that blend in with nature, this is a good one to add to your collection. There’s no chance of the house being seen standing out from the background. Internally, it’s a different story. Everything is made of ice, the floors and wallpaper, and there are loads of shell-themed pieces of furniture around the place. It’s like Sprinkle is obsessed with the sea and has brought some of it with her. This is quite nice to see though, because it demonstrates an outside interest the Villager has that isn’t intrinsically about the cold or food.

Facts about Sprinkle

facts about sprinkle
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There are a couple of facts about Sprinkle, starting with the fact that she’s the only peppy penguin Villager in the entire series. Out of 400 Villagers, that’s quite an achievement. In Happy Home Designer, Sprinkle will request a frozen world to play in, which is very fitting. Finally, on April Fool’s Day she’ll tell you that she’s the fourth of five siblings. This could be a complete lie, but then other Villagers strangely tell the truth on this day. You’ll have to make the decision for yourself as to what you believe. Imaging having a collection of penguins that all have different shades of color for their backs like Sprinkle.