Ruby is definitely one of the more terrifying Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She’s a bunny Villager with a peppy personality that goes a long way to making her appealing. The only issue is her eye,s which are bright red and make her look like she’s out to murder you. but is she? Well, in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ruby Villager Guide, we’ll examine who exactly this Villager is. We’ll also cover why you might want to have such a creepy Villager on your island. There could even be some secretive unknown facts that we’ll throw in on top of it all for you.

Who is Ruby?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Ruby Villager Guide
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As we’ve mentioned, Ruby is a female rabbit Villager with a peppy personality. Her eyes are deep red, and this is where her name stems from. It sort of doubles down on the creepy factor about her appearance, and we’re not sure we like it that much. However, there is a reason for those red eyes. Ruby is a rabbit that’s said to suffer from albanism, which always presents itself with red eyes in rabbits. It’s actually more common in rabbits than any other animal due to something called selective breeding.

In Japan, her name is Luna, which relates to her house space being themed around space too. It’s almost certainly a reference to the mon rabbit, which is a mythological creature in Asian folklore. This rabbit is almost always white, so it makes sense to theme Ruby around that because she’s a white rabbit. Even if her eye are red.


rubys birthday
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Ruby’s birthday is on December 25, Christmas Day. This is probably deliberate and links with her Japanese name and the mythological inspiration seen there. We can’t say for sure, but the moon rabbit must have something to do with that date to make this relevant and make sense. On this date, Ruby will be hanging out at her house, as every Villager does on their birthday. They’re waiting for others to come and celebrate with them, and they certainly will. (paradiseweddingchapel)

If you head over to Ruby’s house on the day, you’ll see loads of Villagers gathered to celebrate her birthday. You’ll get to take part in some games, and you’ll even get to pick up some cake. This is a vital part of building your island, and something you need to use when it comes to doing all the hardest tasks around you. Make sure that you save it and only use it when absolutely necessary, this is going to be a one-use item so use it sparingly.

Finally, seeing Ruby on her birthday will result in a boost to your relationship. It shows that you care about her, so the relationship will get better. You can also give her a present, and if you do, she’ll probably give you one over the following days. This is just part of befriending Villagers in this game. It’s something you should do if you really care about building that relationship up with her.

Ruby’s Personality

rubys personality
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Ruby has the peppy Villager personality, which is one of the largest. Peppy Villagers are easy to get on with, so you’ll have no trouble becoming fast friends with Ruby. As is the case with every peppy Villager, Ruby is going to overreact in every conversation you have with her. This can even happen over trivial subjects that everyone else would consider to be nothing. That’s just how peppy Villagers are though. It should be expected, and if you don’t like it, don’t talk to her.

As with every peppy villager, Ruby isn’t going to be discouraged easily. She’ll keep going no matter what anyone else says. It’s because she has a fierce determination that means that she’s one of the most independent Villagers in the game. She’ll also dream of becoming famous though, something that probably isn’t going to happen while Ruby is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The other thing about being a peppy Villager is that Ruby will have no attention span. She’ll forget everything you talk about pretty much as soon as you walk away from her. However, this also means that she’ll forget arguments you have pretty damn quickly. It makes life so much easier on you, because you can neglect her tasks and go off on your own without fear of any repercussions.

Finally, Ruby will get on well with normal, jock, lazy, peppy, and sister Villagers. The only Villagers she won’t get on well with are snooty and cranky ones, but no one likes them anyway.

Ruby’s Appearance

rubys appearance
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As we’ve mentioned a couple of times in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ruby Villager Guide, Ruby is a white rabbit with red eyes. There’s not much more to say about her than that. She even has a t-shirt on with a white rabbit. To some, this might be an Alice in Wonderland reference, but we really don’t see it being so. Nintendo would want to stay away from Disney IP as much as possible without permission.

Ruby’s House

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The exterior of Ruby’s House is standard and normal. It’s built from stones and looks like any other house in the real world. It’s a good one to have if you want an understated collection of houses all around your island. Inside, everything is themed around the moon. There’s even a giant moon in the house. The wallpaper and flooring is all space-related, and there are meteorites and spacemen in there as well. It’s very crazy when you first enter, but makes sense once you get to know Ruby a little.

Facts About Ruby

There is only one shocking fact to know about Ruby, and that’s her relation to horror comic RubyQuest. Ruby is the main character, and her best friend is Tom, inspired by Tom Nook. However, everything else about the comic is pretty different, meaning that Ruby’s name is all you’ll recognize in the comic. Still, it’s worth reading if you’re a huge Animal Crossing fan.

The only other thing of note about her is that she shares her birthday with Étoile, which is rather odd considering how big a day it is in general.