Filbert is a lazy squirrel Villager and one that you’ll probably be quite excited to have on your island. He doesn’t seem like the most stable of characters, but his lazy personality balances that out to a degree. If you’re keen to have some company for Marshal, then this is the perfect Villager. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Filbert Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Filbert. We’ll also throw in some facts that you probably didn’t know before today.

Who is Filbert?

who is flbert
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Filbert is a lazy blue squirrel Villager that you can have on your island if you’re so inclined. As expected, his name actually comes from a type of nut, which is in line with a lot of other Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This time around it’s a very specific type of edible hazelnut. Filbert has been a part of every Animal Crossing game entry to date. He’s also the only lazy squirrel Villager in the entire series, which is impressive with over 400 Villagers out there so far.


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Filbert’s birthday, a key part of our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Filbert Villager Guide, is on June 3. He’ll be in his house on this day every year, waiting to celebrate with his friends. He will stay indoors all day because he’s so desperate to party with everyone. You can head over anytime you like and have some fun if you want to. There will be a party game to take part in, and you’ll also be able to get some cake out of it. That cake will serve you well later on in the game when you’re building up your island. Finally, this is a good day to build your relationship with Filbert, because you can give him a birthday present. We’d recommend doing this if you’re really keen to have him as a good friend in the game.

Filbert’s Personality

filberts personality
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As we’ve mentioned multiple times in this guide, Filbert has the lazy personality. This makes him laid back and easygoing. So he should get on with pretty much everyone. He really loves his hobby, but he also enjoys eating, relaxing, and fishing. These are all things that lazy Villagers love, so you’ll see him hanging out with other lazy Villagers if you have them.

Filbert is going to confuse and sometimes offend jock Villagers. This is because they love to exercise and put a huge emphasis on that side of their lives. Filbert, being a lazy Villager, doesn’t care about all that. This means he’ll be criticized for not looking after himself. Jock Villagers just can’t get their heads around the situation. Filbert will also annoy snooty Villagers, and that’s because they disagree with his lifestyle. It’s hard to see why these Villagers hate him so much when you actually get to know him.

The Villagers that Filbert will get on with have the normal, peppy, smug, and sisterly personality types. This makes it really easy for him to fit in on most islands. There are very few Villagers that he’ll actively offend, and that’s perfect for anyone building up their island for the first time.

Filbert’s Appearance

filberts appearance
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Filbert’s looks are a big part of who he is. As your eyes will have seen multiple times now, he is a blue squirrel. Not something you see in the wild. He’s got a white stripe on his forehead with a blue outline, and that’s the same for his tail as well. It gives him the odd look of being some sort of blueberry flavored ice cream treat. His cheeks are bright pink, and that goes some of the way to make him look a bit more normal. In New Horizons he’ll wear a pine tee for a good chunk of his time with you. It’s nice, and it also acts as a reminder of what squirrels like to eat.

Filbert’s House

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Filbert Villager Guide
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Filbert has a very unique house. The exterior is made up of several shades of blue, perfect for a squirrel that is also several shades of the color himself. If you want to have a row of colorful houses on your island, this is the perfect one to add to your collection. Don’t do yourself a disservice by avoiding it.

Internally, this house gets a bit crazier. You’d expect Filbert to want to be surrounded by trees and nature. That’s simply not the case though. He has all kinds of blue slapped all over his house. If it’s blue, he has it. He’s also got a lot of night-themed objects, such as a giant moon seat and starry night wallpaper. While this does fit his theme of blue, it shows that he’s a bit of a night lover more than anything. He probably loves staring up at night trying to see if there are any shooting stars. This is something that all Villagers love, but here it’s taken to a new extreme.

Facts About Filbert

facts about filbert
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To end, we wanted to tell you a few things that you may not have known about Filbert so far. You already know about him being the only lazy squirrel in the series, but did you know he’s also the favorite Villager of the famous grandmother who put more than 3,500 hours into Animal Crossing: New Leaf? It’s really quite impressive to be the favorite of someone who has played the game for that long.

Filbert is an official poster Villager for New Horizons, appearing in artwork for the game almost everywhere. If you’ve seen an advertisement for the game, you’ve probably also seen Filbert.

finally, his Spanish catchphrase is a reference to a sweet made of almonds, a type of nut, and solidified caramel. Yet another nutty reference that Filbert can’t escape. This is ultimately what you have to accept with this Villager, that you’ll be surrounded by nut references most of the time and can’t get away from them. Still, it’s cute seeing him and Marshal together on one island. They’ll even sing together if you have them around for long enough.