There are loads of different status effects that can be applied to you in Dead by Daylight. Here we’re going to explore the Dead by Daylight Oblivious status, and what exactly it means for you as a player in a match.

What is the Dead by Daylight Oblivious Status?

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The Oblivious status effect is a negative status effect for survivors. It makes you unable to hear a killer’s Terror Radius, which is what you use to detect them getting closer to you if you’re not looking in the right direction.

It also makes survivor’s immune to the effects of Terror Radius related perks.

What Does Being Oblivious Mean for a Match?

There are a number of perks and items that you can take into a match in Dead by Daylight as a survivor.

Some of these are going to be equipped with effects that make you immune to a Terror Radius, or use it to your advantage somehow. These will not work while you’re Oblivious.

The very name of this status effect explains exactly what it does. It makes you as oblivious as possible to the killer, which provides them with a huge advantage.

While you can’t detect them as well, they can kill you will greater efficiency.

However, there is an upside to this as well. If you’re immune to the effects of Terror Radius-related perks and items, then you’re immune to those that the killer has equipped as well.

Some killer perks will allow them to have a greater Terror Radius, or apply certain effects on top of Oblivious, but that now won’t happen to you if you can’t detect the killer’s Terror Radius anyway.

Make the Most of Oblivious as a Killer

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Being able to inflict the Oblivious status on survivors gives you a fantastic advantage as the killer.

Without it, survivors can sometimes see your Terror Radius, and others they can actively hear it as you get closer.

This gives them a head start if you’re getting close, because they’re able to tell you’re near, and roughly what direction you’re coming from.

Without being able to hear your Terror Radius, a survivor is effectively deaf to your movements. There are a few killers that could make the most of this, but none better than the Wraith.

The Wraith is a killer that can be invisible to survivors, but needs to become visible in order to attack. Whilst the process of changing requires the Wraith to ring a bell, sneaking up on survivors can be silent.

If a survivor hears your Terror Radius, then you’re almost seen before you’re visible as the Wraith. It’s better to become visible behind a tree, and then attack.

With the Oblivious status though, the Wraith can sneak up to a survivor and take them down without them even knowing it if they do it right.

This is a very good status for killers to use to their advantage. If done well, it will make your next match much more successful. However, it does take some time to get to grips with.

Most of the time this status is only inflicted when you attack a survivor, or when some other trigger occurs. Learning to use these well is just as important as learning to use the status itself.

That’s everything there is to know about Dead by Daylight Oblivious status. If you’ve got any other tips, let us know them in the comments.