Among the bosses in Demon’s Souls, the Storm King may be the most unique. While it’s true that they’re all unique in their own ways, this one presents players with a new challenge. It may even be one that they’ve never faced up until this point. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill the boss in a couple of different ways. We’ll also tell you a little about the lore, and how to work around certain attacks.

General Knowledge

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When you first enter the arena where the Storm King is, you’ll notice loads of flying Storm Beasts. As you get closer to them, they’ll begin attacking you. What you need to do now is run to the left of the outstretched cliff.

You’re going over here because there’s a weapon called the Storm Ruler which you need. Grab it and run back towards where you entered. You need to find a safe zone where attacks can’t hit you.

If you use the Thief’s Ring, the enemies will only attack you when you’re close. This is a good tactic to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

With Storm Ruler equipped, you need to start attacking the Storm Beasts. Do this from the safe zones and you shouldn’t take too much damage. Dodge and roll to avoid any incoming hits.

To the Left

If you keep to the left of the area, where you picked up Storm Ruler, you’re less likely to get hit. The Storm Beasts find it incredibly difficult to attack you here, so it’s worth doing this.

This is also the area where the boss will fly over first. He does some big massive swoops, and these are how you will hit him. Keep using Storm Ruler to get in hits when you can.

Kill the Storm Beasts

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While you can get a few hits in on the boss before he starts flying overhead, you need to take out most of the Storm Beasts before he’ll be in range. You can wield Storm Ruler with two hands to increase the damage it deals. When there are around four Storm Beasts left, the boss will fly closer to the ground.


The boss has a single attack that he’ll use against you. He fires a barrage of stingers at you. Use the pillars and surrounding area as a defense from these. If you’re away from cover, you have to dodge and roll over to it until you’re finally covered.


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Since the only real way to kill this boss is the same for every build, this tactic applies to everyone.

As the boss approaches and attacks, hide behind some cover. Once the attack is over, you should be able to get between three and four good hits in on the boss. Make sure you lock onto him to get those hits attacking him and dealing damage.

You need to alternate between the five segments of this boss when attacking. There are three points along his body that you can hit, and then his two wings separately. Alternate as you need to with dealing damage. Just be aware that you’ll be doing this.

Don’t get too cocky with your hits. If the boss has taken three and looks like it’s about to get you, hide. There’s no sense in staying out of cover and taking damage if you really don’t have to.

For ranged players, you could use the Lava Bow as an alternative weapon. Magic users could use Soul Ray. Both will do about the same amount of damage, and end the fight at around the same point. If you’ve geared your character towards either of these specializations, then that might be the better bet.


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The Storm King is an oversized Storm Beast. Its multi-spear attack will hone in on its target wherever it is, which is what makes it such a powerful foe.

Certain lore items reveal that after being purified, some heroes’ remains are offered to the boss. It blocks out the sun with its colossal wingspan and devours these remains. This could be how it has become so large, filled with so many souls.

The Storm Beasts were actually worshipped by a culture known as the Shadowmen. Now long dead. These people believed that the creatures brought forth the rain, which is important to all cultures.

Just inside the arena where you face the boss is a pile of dead Storm Beasts. It’s thought that this shows that the souls of these creatures are being used to lure in Shadow Lurkers and create Skeletons.

It’s well known that you can only obtain Cloudstones from Storm Beasts. This green ore blunts magic and blocks light. It’s not known whether this is a part of the anatomy of these creatures, or something that is consumed from the sky itself.

The Storm King and Storm Beasts all look like flying stingrays. It’s not known why this is, but the creature design is certainly unique among most of Demon’s souls’ offerings. While many believe this boss is a tough one to fight, speedrunners actually prefer to take it on as soon as possible.

This is because the boss has a predictable movement pattern, and the weapon to kill it is already here in the arena. This avoids any need to bring weapons or level up certain skills. The runner just has to get into the arena and let the sword do the rest.

Closing Notes

Out of every Demon’s Soul boss, many players would call this the easiest. As we mentioned, the movement is predictable, and the weapon is right here. As with all bosses though, how easy it is to kill is subjective to your ability in the game. If you’re not as skilled in one area, it may challenge you. However, you may also find it a breeze. (

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