You may have noticed that while movement speed in Bannerlord is pretty much the same as it was in previous installments, there are a few differences. One of the most notable changes from the previous games is that having extra horses in your inventory actually does improve your movement speed! Another major change is this new movement speed debuff called disorganized in Bannerlord. A lot of players, both old and new, are confused about what it does.

Disorganized Debuff Explained

disorganized movement speed debuff bannerlord in game screenshot

It doesn’t take long to notice that your party moves slower after leaving a battle or village raid. This is the disorganized speed debuff. It’s meant to help alter the flow of the game, you can get away from enemy armies after a battle – or swoop in and clean them up after they’re done with a battle. There is no way to not get this debuff, but you can improve your movement speed in other ways to help compensate!

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