One of the most important aspects of Bannerlord is making sure your party is moving as fast as possible on the campaign map.

Being able to catch up to your opponents, friendly lords, or run away from an enemy army is very important.

Most players have a hard time managing their party’s speed and there are a few differences in Bannerlord compared to previous installments.

Here’s a full guide on how to increase your party speed in Bannerlord.

All of the Different Speed Modifiers

If you hover over your character or other characters on the map, you will see their movement speed. Your character will naturally slow down when entering forests, snow, and other difficult terrain.

If you want to see a breakdown of why your character’s party has a certain movement speed, you can click the arrow in the bottom right of the screen to bring up an additional three numbers.

The first one is your movement speed, the second is your scouting modifier, and the third is your daily wages.

how to increase party speed bannerlord in game screenshot showing speed modifiers

Once you hover over the number, a little box will pop up telling you exactly how that number is calculated.

Here we can see that we have a base movement speed, a modifier for having cavalry units, extra horses, cargo, game difficulty, and a large debuff for being disorganized.

Base movement speed is exactly what it sounds like, it can be improved by picking different perks in the skill trees that affect movement speed. The cavalry bonus is the bonus you get for having cavalry units in your army.

A similar buff to the cavalry one, the footmen on horses bonus is one that is new to Bannerlord and often forgotten about.

If you have extra horses in your inventory, your infantry and archers will ride them while you travel around the map boosting your speed.

This only works with horses, pack animals like mules will not provide a buff.

If you have a lot of cargo or are over your carrying limit you will see a noticeable decrease in speed. Game difficulty is another way to increase your movement speed on the game map.

Depending on which difficulty you select, your movement speed will increase by either five or ten percent. Lastly, we have a disorganized debuff.

You may notice that after a fight or a village raid, you don’t move as fast as you usually do. This is an attempt to give weaker armies a chance to run away from enemies – or for a larger army to pounce after a big battle!

The Best Ways to Increase Party Speed in Bannerlord

Now that we know about the different buffs and debuffs to party movement speed, here are three of the best ways to increase it.

In the beginning of the game, it may be hard to be able to afford extra horses for your foot soldiers, but if you can it’s one of the best ways to move around faster.

The second way is to make sure you have enough mules to carry all of your cargo so that you are not slowed down.

The last way to increase party speed in Bannerlord is by changing the difficulty! Yes, this may seem like cheating, but Bannerlord is difficult for new players, so don’t be afraid to turn that difficulty down.

A movement speed of 6-7 is easily achievable in this game if you know how to properly set up your character, inventory, and party!

We hope you found our guide on how to increase party speed in Bannerlord useful. If you’re looking for more Bannerlord tips and tricks, check out the following guides!