Hitman 3 is absolutely packed to the gills with interesting pieces of content to take on. Whether you’re replaying all the missions from the first two games, or are working on the challenges in Hitman 3 specifically, there’s a lot to do. In this Hitman 3 Stick it to the Man guide, we’ll be looking at this single challenge. It’s a complicated one that could prevent you from getting complete mastery of the location. With our tips, it should be pretty easy though.

How to Complete the Hitman 3 Stick it to the Man Challenge

Hitman 3 Stick it to the Man Challenge
Image Source: Twinfinite

For this challenge, you need to kill Hush while dressed as a homeless man. This is one of your two targets for the mission, and the disguise isn’t that hard to get. The only issue you’ll encounter is getting up to the target with the disguise on. There are a few routes you could take to get this done. Since there are loads of homeless people at the start of the mission though, it’s probably better to get the disguise there.

Homeless Disguise

As we’ve mentioned, you need to get this disguise right at the start of the mission. It’s a terrible one for getting into any other locations though. This is only really recommended for those with decent map knowledge. You need to be able to get to Hush without being seen. In essence, this requires your route to be a Silent Assassin one. If you don’t think you can manage that, try out some routes for yourself.

Getting to Hush

Hush is going to be spending most of his time up in the apartment building. If you follow one of the story missions, you’ll end up there trying to kill him while he attempts to control you. This can be incredibly satisfying, but that’s not what we need to do for this challenge. Since you know where he’ll be, it’s just a case of sneaking up. There are a few routes up, but the most straightforward is through the lower apartment building itself.

Head up through the front door and sneak onto the roof. The door at the top will be unlocked. From here, you can move to the edge of the area, drop down, and shimmy along the ledge. Now you can climb back up and get up a drainpipe to get onto the next rooftop up.

This is where your path can diverge. Depending on what you want to do.

Chair Kill

Sneak up into the apartment building lab and kill Hush whilst you’re wearing the Homeless disguise from here if that’s what you want to do. the path is straightforward, just watch out for all the guards and scientists.

Lure Him Out

The machinery on this rooftop is actually part of Hush’s overall plan. If you sabotage it, he’ll come outside to investigate it. This is a chance to kill him outside of the area with all the guards. It’s even easier if you take out the two guards who are up here before he arrives.