Mendoza is definitely one of the best locations in Hitman 3. It’s full of challenges and scope for messing around. It’s easily my favorite place to mess around in this game. However, there are some aspects that are just incredibly difficult. The Hitman 3 Secondary Fermentation challenge is one of those things. Not to worry though. In this guide, I’ll be covering exactly how you complete this challenge and add it to your Mendoza mastery.

How to Complete Hitman 3 Secondary Fermentation

Image Source: PCGamesN

This challenge requires you to poison both targets at the same time with gas in the barrel warehouse in Mendoza. It’s a very challenging task to undertake when you think about getting both targets inside this room on your own. However, it’s worth remembering that there’s a story mission which will draw both of them in without much effort on your part.

To do this, you need to follow The Tour story mission. This will see you running around Mendoza setting up a tour for your targets. The difference is that you’ll need to dress yourself up as a security guard for part of it.

The Tour

Image Source: PCGamesN

You need to follow The Tour to the point where you speak to Corvo Black and then convince the head winemaker to run the tour. This will require you to find some grapes and bring them to him. After that though, abandon the tour, and allow Corvo Black to go on it with your targets.

Instead, you’re going to get back into your security guard disguise and head back into the barrel warehouse. In here there’s a door on the left, go inside it.

Now there are two NPCs to deal with. Knock them out or kill them and dump their bodies in the hole in the floor. No one will notice if you’re doing this quickly.

There is some rat poison in this room which is essential. You need to go to the ventilation system, which is the large machine in the same room, and put the rat poison into it. Then you need to turn the ventilation system on.

This won’t poison your targets yet, so it’s safe to do before they arrive. Since you’re in your security guard disguise, it’s now time to go upstairs.

Security Room

Head upstairs to the security room, you can find it on the map. No one will question you in the security guard disguise. There’s a monitor in a glass room just off the security room. Go in there and wait for the targets to enter the barrel warehouse below.

When the targets are in the warehouse, use the terminal and ventilate the barrel room. This will cause the poison to be mixed up into the air. Everyone down there will be poisoned, but you’ll be fine.

This should trigger the challenge to be completed. Now, if you want to, you can go and drown your targets while they’re in the toilet. Then you can end the mission and escape pretty quickly.

That’s how you complete the Secondary Fermentation challenge in Hitman 3. Let us know if you have a better approach in the comments. We’ve also got a great video guide below which should help you out.