The question, “how do you know who your obsession is in Dead by Daylight?” is one of the most prominent in the wake of the mechanic’s addition to the game.

In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about it, and hopefully provide a few tips and tricks at the same time.

How do you Know Who Your Obsession is In Dead by Daylight?

The Obsession mechanic will only be in play in a match if a perk or add-on are in use that have the mechanic attached to them.

You’ll be able to tell that the mechanic is in play because one character will have the Entity’s presence around their portrait.

You can see this in what most players call the spider legs, pictured below.

How do you Know Who Your Obsession is In Dead by Daylight
Image Source: Reddit

When you chase your obsession as the killer, the spider legs will wiggle around.

This will give you a clue as to whom your obsession is, so that you can focus on chasing and capturing them over the other survivors in the match.

What is the Obsession Mechanic?

How do you Know Who Your Obsession is In Dead by Daylight
Image source: SQUAD

The Obsession mechanic was added to Dead by Daylight in the Chapter II: Halloween update. Every time the Obsession mechanic is in play, every survivor has an equal chance of becoming the killer’s obsession.

It’s possible for survivors to quip perks that will decrease or increase their chances of becoming the obsession, usually alongside other more beneficial perks too.

Survivors can have multiple affects applied to them when they’re the obsession.. All of which link back to the perks they, other survivors, and even the killer have equipped. We’ll cover all of those perks here.

Killer Perks

Dark Devotion – Hitting your obsession with a basic attack causes them to emit a Terror Radius for a number of seconds, which will have detrimental effects on other survivors.

You will become undetectable, whilst the survivor will hear the Terror Radius for the entire period of time.

Dead Man’s Switch – This activates once you’ve hooked your obsession. When activated, generators will be blocked by The entity if a survivor stops working on them before they’re fully repaired.

The Entity will continue to block it until the perk deactivates. A white aura indicates an affected generator.

Dying Light – Your obsession has a 33 percent increase to unhooking and healing other survivors. Whilst your obsession is alive though, all other survivors receive a stackable penalty to sabotage, healing, and repair for each token.

Furtive Chase – This perk receives a token for each time you hook your obsession.

The survivor who rescues your current obsession from the hook will become your new obsession, allowing you to stack this perk by hooking them in turn. All tokens are lost if the obsession is killed or sacrificed.

Nemesis – Any survivor who stuns you with a flashlight, pallet, or locker will become your obsession. All new obsessions will be affected by the Oblivious status, and have their aura revealed to you for 4 seconds.

Play With Your Food – You get a token every time you chase you obsession and allow them to escape, up to three.

Every token you gain will increase your movement speed, but every basic or special attack removes a token. This perk has a cooldown of 10 seconds between uses.

Rancor – Your obsession can see your aura for a few seconds every time a generator is repaired. However, every survivor’s location is revealed for a few seconds upon generator repair as well.

Once all generators are repaired, the obsession will receive the Exposed status effect, revealing them to you so that you can kill them.

Remember Me – Every time you hit your obsession you increase the Exit Gate opening time by 4 seconds, up to 12 in total with certain add-ons. Your obsession will not activate this perk though.

Save the Best for Last – Every hit not dealt to your obsession awards a token, up to 8. These tokens grant a 5 percent reduction in cooldown for attacks. Any attacks on your obsession will cost you tokens.

Killer Add-Ons

Black Box – Your obsession starts the match in the Dream World, and can’t wake up.

Judith’s Journal – This considerably increases the amount of Evil you gain from stalking your obsession.

Survivor Perks

Blood Pact – You and the obsession can see each other’s auras when one of you is injured. Healing each other will increase your movement speed. This is thanks to the Haste status.

While this reduces the chances of you becoming the obsession, if you do, the perk deactivates.

Decisive Strike – Unhooking activates this perk. Either by themselves or another survivor. (

It allows you to try and pass a skill check when grabbed by the killer, which will see you escape them if you pass it. If you succeed or fail that skill check, the perk deactivates.

You will also become the obsession if you stun the killer. This perk increases your chances of being the obsession.

For the People – This is only active when at full health. You can press the active ability button whilst healing a survivor without a Med Kit to instantly heal them from Dying to Injured, or Injured to Healthy.

If successful, you will become Injured and have the Broken status applied, as well as becoming the obsession. This perk reduces your odds of being the obsession.

Mettle of Man – This perk activates after winning three Protection Hit score events. This prevents you from entering the Dying or Injured state for the next instance that would put you in them only.

When you heal back to full health afterwards, the killer will see your aura for a short time. This increases your chances of being the obsession.

Object of Obsession – If you look in the killer’s direction, your aura’s will link and become visible.

This only applies outside fo the killer’s Terror Radius. Add-ons can change the maximum and minimum range of Object of Obsession. This perk will increase your chances of being the obsession.

Sole Survivor – With ever survivor that dies, the range at which the killer can see your aura reduces. This will increase your chances of being the obsession.

Survivor Add-Ons

Unique Wedding Ring – This reveals the obsession’s aura to you, and reduces your chances of becoming the obsession.

We hope that this has answered your question of “how do you know who your obsession is in Dead by Daylight?” There really isn’t anything more to the mechanic than this.

Final Note

What most players try to do is make builds for killers and survivors around the obsession perks.

These are interesting, but when it comes to moment to moment gameplay they’re far more gimmicky than they are useful. However, having a few good Obsession perks unlocked is never a bad thing.

You might just need them for a loadout when you’re on a losing streak.

If there’s something that you think we missed in this guide, please let us know what it is in the comments.