Here in our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Marina Villager Guide we’re going to give you all of the information you’ll ever need to know about Marina. As the pinkest octopus Villager in the game, she certainly stands out, but that colour is only skin deep. With this guide we’ll explore her personality, likes and dislikes, and hopefully give you a much better understanding of who she is.

Marina has actually been a Villager in the Animal Crossing series since Animal Forest e+. She reappeared later in Animal Crossing: wild World, City Folk, and even New Leaf. As a result, you can probably pick up an Amiibo card to get her on your island. Even so, she’s one of the most desirable Villagers in the game, probably because she’s so well known by fans.

Who is Marina?

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Marina’s name originates from Latin, meaning “from the sea”. Given that she’s an octopus, that seems pretty appropriate. Some believe that it also just comes from the word marine, but everyone agrees that it’s generally very ocean themed.

She has the music hobby, which is quite key really considering that she appears on the cover of K.K. Rally. What you may not notice is the small pink bow on the back of her head. It’s really hard to see, because she’s pink too, but it’s definitely there. It was a different colour in previous games, making it much easier to see.


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Marina’s birthday is on June 26. Make sure you drop by her house and say “Happy Birthday” to her. She’ll hang out there all day and wait for presents form the other Villagers. Giving her a present may well pay off for you in the future, so go with something nice for her.

Marina’s Personality

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When it comes to her personality, Marina has the normal type. This means that she’s frequently quite kind to the player, and so you should develop a nice strong bond with her. She’ll get along well with most lazy, smug, peppy, and snooty Villagers, as well as other Villagers with a normal personality.

Marina is an early riser, she’s up at 6am. You’ll find her much easier to get on with, and you should develop a strong relationship pretty early on. Both normal and peppy Villagers like to reference an unseen friend that they have called Moppina. This is widely believed to be some sort of mop that acts as an imaginary friend, and it’s a bit creepy and crazy.

Marina’s House

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The house that Marina lives in looks very normal from the outside. Inside though, it’s a rush of pink everywhere. She has the Pink Tankless Toilet, and Claw-foot Tub. She also has a number of items from the Cute series, which are white and pink, and Strawberry-Chocolate Wallpaper and Berry-Chocolates Flooring.

There are no real facts to know about Marina. However, she does seem to be extremely rare, and lots of players pass up other Villagers in favour of finding her. If you happen to see her, or just have her on your island, count yourself lucky.

That’s all there is to know about Marina in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If there’s something that you think is worth including that we missed, let us know what it is in the comments.