Legacy Skins are somewhat of a bragging right in the Dead by Daylight community. Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to get them, but it was once.

Those who have them covet them, showing them off in every match possible to those who can no longer earn them.

In this guide we’ll talk through how to get Legacy Skins in Dead by Daylight, how it was possible, and what you can do today as an equivalent.

How to Get Legacy Skins in Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight how to get legacy skins
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As I mentioned at the start, it’s no longer possible to get Legacy Skins in Dead by Daylight.

These items were awarded to players who reached prestige level on various characters in Dead by Daylight before patch 1.3.0. this patch was released in November 2016. The deadline to earn Legacy Skins was November 24, 2016.

Prior to this update, it was possible to earn one prestige clothing item every time you reached prestige level with a character. Over time this would result in you earning an entire Legacy Skin.

The reason that the developers made this change is because there was a colossal grind to earn these skins.

They wanted to revamp the in-game systems, and Legacy Skins were removed as a part of the new mechanics.

It’s also worth noting that a number of Legacy Skins were never even available on consoles. This means that the majority of Legacy Skins are owned by PC players.

If you’re curious about what Legacy Skin items there are, check out this database.

None of these items will ever come to Dead by Daylight ever again. They are part of the game’s time limited history. It is possible to earn them through save data manipulation, but this will get you banned from the game almost immediately. (Zolpidem)

What Can You do Instead?

dead by daylight how to get legacy skins
Image Source: Reddit

Just because the grind to earn Legacy Skins is gone, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to work towards in Dead by Daylight.

On the contrary, the game has a number of different areas in which you can earn progress, each of which will earn you in-game currency, and automatic rewards.

First there are the levels on survivors and killers. These levels apply specifically to each character, and will allow you to level up their Bloodweb, opening up new abilities and perks to take forward into future games.

Next there is your Player Level. This is awards various useful items to purchase perks that you can use in the game. This is generally the level that will matter most to you, since you’ll see it climb ever higher over time.

The Rift

Finally there are the seasonal levels. You have The Rift, which is the Dead by Daylight equivalent of a battle pass, and The Compendium.

The Rift is packed with rewards to earn for each new level, and you can purchase the premium pass to earn even more rewards.

The Compendium is comprised of Tomes, which are the lore of the game. Here you unlock lore by completing challenges.

It’s more of a way to ensure you’ve always got an overall goal to your time with the game, instead of just playing for the sake of it.

Through any of these current progression methods you can earn new cosmetics, or the in-game currency to buy new cosmetics.

This is currently the only way to earn new cosmetics in the game. However, every now and then there is a new limited time event.

Within these events you can earn new gear that is specific to the event, and will never appear again.

These are the events to play if you enjoy owning this exclusive content. But you’ll need to work for it.

If there’s anything that you think we missed in this guide, please do let us know in the comments. Do also drop a comment if you’re one of those smug players with a Legacy Skin.