Ubisoft has finally revealed the Watch Dogs: Legion roadmap 2021. This is the first roadmap that the game has ever received, detailing all the content that the developer has planned for the first half of this year. This is by no means an exhaustive list of content for 2021, but it is the first confirmation of release windows for all the known content coming to Watch Dogs: Legion.

In this guide, we’ll cover all of the content that’s coming to the game this year and delve into the details of that content as well.

watch dogs legion roadmap 2021
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As you can see, there’s new content coming almost every month in 2021 from April until August. The only gap is July, which may be down to this being a summer holiday period. The developers may want a break at this point, but it would be nice if there was something worth chasing in Watch Dogs: Legion Online for this period.

It should also be noted that most of this content is restricted to those with the season pass. If you want to access it, you’ll need to buy the game’s season pass. Now we’ll go through this map month by month.

Late April (expect this content in the final two weeks of the month)

April will see the first new piece of single-player content come to the game. It adds a new mission and playable hero in the form of Mina Sidhu. This character has been genetically altered, giving her the ability to take over any other NPC in the game with her mind.

She can then control those characters and make them do whatever she wants. This will totally change up the single-player game for Watch Dogs: Legion, and could make a number of missions much easier.

There is some new content for Watch Dogs: Legion Online also coming in April. Brand new co-op missions will be added to the roster available in the game mode, which should make playing in the co-op playlist a lot more enjoyable.

There will also be some new assignments. These are the solo missions that are dotted around the map in the game mode. These can be activated from the in-game map and generally see players infiltrate an area to extract data. Hopefully, these new assignments are more interesting.

Finally, advanced character customization will be added to Watch Dogs: Legion Online as well as two brand new characters, the DJ and the First Responder. These will be new characters that you can recruit and should come with some new abilities to mix up the gameplay.

Late May (expect this content in the final two weeks of the month)

The main focus of May in the Watch Dogs: Legion roadmap 2021 is Watch Dogs: Legion Online. The game mode will get its second main Tactical Op.

This is the game’s equivalent of a raid, requiring intricate teamwork to complete missions and earn the best rewards available. This will be something that the community is eagerly waiting for since it’s the hardest and most enjoyable thing to do in the online element to date.

The content that players will love the most, however, is the PvP content. Fan favorite game modes Invasion and Extraction and returning to Watch Dogs this month. These game modes see players invade another player’s world.

Once there, they need to either kill or steal from the enemy player. If they succeed, they walk away with big rewards. If they fail though, the enemy player can earn some fantastic experience as a result.

The PvP elements have been a part of the Watch Dogs series from the beginning, and hardcore fans have been crying out for their return. Thankfully, Ubisoft has heard those pleas and is acting accordingly. The implementation will need to be correct though. If not, this could push more players away.

Late June (expect this content in the final two weeks of the month)

June is a single-player focused month for the Watch Dogs: Legion roadmap 2021. It adds in the game’s first story expansion, Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodlines.

This is a series of missions that star the original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce. He comes with his own set of gear, including a vehicle and unique weapons and outfits. This expansion will also add Wrench to the game, who was a side character that fans identified within Watch Dogs 2.

This month is all about fan service. Expanding the base game’s story is what players really want, after all, this is a single-player game. The characters and story need to fit within the world though. Otherwise, players will feel like this is a cheap money-grabbing opportunity.

Between this expansion to the game and August, there’s nothing on the roadmap. This is disappointing, but it might indicate that something good will come to Watch Dogs: Legion Online.

The game mode has a season pass, so that could get a refresh with an expanded roster of content. It’s also possible that there will be some sort of lead-up to August’s content. Since that will be a month where a lot happens here.

August (expect this content in the first two weeks of the month)

In August, another new playable hero is coming to the game as well as a series of missions that focus on her. The character is Darcy, who is a member of the Assassin’s Brotherhood, as in the one from Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft has made it clear that the Watch Dogs universe and Assassin’s Creed universe are very much separate.

However, many fans have drawn their own conclusions on this. Deciding amongst themselves that the franchises must be linked due to the similar motives of the main characters.

One thing to expect in this new single-player content is a distinction as to why there is an Assassin in a Watch Dogs game. It may be a literal reference to the games being played in the universe. Or it could be more of a subtle link that doesn’t mention the Assassin’s Brotherhood.

Finally, there will be an Assassin’s Creed World Event coming to Watch Dogs: Legion Online. There are world events that occur in the online game mode, and they’re hard as nails. At least three players are required to take these events on. The rewards are generally worth it though.

It’s hard to tell if this roadmap indicates that a new one of these world events will appear in the game. It could just as easily be a themed event in the world. This could change all the missions for a short period of time and make for some interesting gameplay.

After this new content drops, we don’t know what will happen. It’s likely that if there has been a lot of uptake for the season pass, Ubisoft will release a second one. This one will probably contain more content that players want though. Focusing on feedback over things the developers want to add.