Watch Dogs: Legion is a very shocking game in so many ways. Sure, you can play as an old lady and take down a fascist regime, which is extremely funny to watch. But you can also play as a skilled hitman and take down a room full of soldiers within seconds. Still fun, but also a little harrowing. One of the game’s missions is also pretty harrowing, at least the choice players need to make is. The following is our guide to Watch Dogs: Legion Skye Larson fate, and what you could do with her when you finally come to meet her.

Watch Dogs: Legion Skye Larson Fate

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Before we start, I need to put out a massive spoiler warning. If you’re reading this and don’t know who or what Skye Larson is, go and play the game more. If you don’t mind a storyline being ruined, read on.

At the end of the 404 storyline in Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll meet Skye Larson. At this point, you also need to decide what her fate will be. Do you kill her and end her life forever? Or do you upload her and let her live on in a completely new form? Those are the choices you have, and the decision really is yours to make.

Skye Larson is located in Blume tower, and she has a ridiculous number of enemies guarding her. With that in mind, I think that choosing to kill her outright isn’t such a bad thing at all. After all, she’s tried in so many different ways to wipe you off of the face of the planet.

But do these choices affect the storyline?

Decision Outcomes

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Regardless of what you do in this situation, the outcome is basically the same. Nawt will still show up at a safehouse in the future to work with you, and the story will progress as normal. However, smaller details differ a lot here.

If you choose to kill Skye Larson, Nawt will be pleased with you. Bagley tells you to take a picture with the corpse, and then Nawt declines to work with you. Don’t worry, she will show up later on as I mentioned.

Should you spare Larson, Nawt will be furious, swear, and hang up on you. She’ll still turn up to work with you though.

Interestingly, Daybreak, the software Larson was working on, is being deleted by Blume anyway. You hear an announcement about this as you leave the area after making this decision. In the end then, nothing that you do makes a difference. Larson is doomed to die either way.

The only thing that you can change is how you feel about the whole situation. If you choose to kill Larson and then find out she was doomed to die anyway, you might feel guilty. Think of all that unnecessary pain and suffering you just caused her for no reason.

On the other hand, if you let her live, you know she’s going to die anyway. You don’t need to burden yourself with the mistakes she’s made, because she can’t harm anyone anymore anyway.

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