Agnes is a suspicious sisterly pig Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She’s one of the more distinctive Villagers in the game, and that includes the food-inspired ones. She’s a fairly new Village to the series, but that doesn’t make her any less worthy of being collected for your island. In fact, it’s better to have the more modern Villagers because you won’t know as much about them. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Agnes Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Agnes. We’ll also throw in some facts that you won’t have known until today.

Who is Agnes?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Agnes Villager Guide
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As we mentioned above, Agnes is a sisterly pig Villager. She was first introduced to the series with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This is what makes her relatively new, but we think she’s still a Villager that’s worth getting on your island. She’s so interesting to look at because her appearance has been so deliberately made to look a certain way. It’s so interesting to see Villagers like this who are so distinctive compared to the most boring ones in the game. Her initial phrase is a reference to snuffling, which is what pigs do when they’re searching for truffles underground. She also says, “you reap what you sow,” which is a play on the word sow which means female pig. Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be much of a reference for her name, though there are plenty of pigs called Agnes in the world.


agnes birthday
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Agnes’ birthday is on April 21. On this date, she’ll be hanging out in her house waiting for other Villagers to come and join her in celebrating. This is what all Villagers do if you weren’t aware. The thing to do on this date is head over and celebrate with her. You’ll get to partake in some games, hitting various things with bats, and you’ll even get some cake out of it. This cake is of vital importance. It speeds up building actions on your island, so it’s worth holding onto and saving for a later date. Don’t waste it because you’ll regret it.

The other benefit to seeing Anges on her birthday is that you get to advance your relationship with her. This is something else that’s really important to do. The stronger your relationship, the better the benefits of having her on your island. You can push this further by giving her a gift on the day. This is a birthday present, and she’ll give you a gift in a couple of days to say thank you. Not all Villagers do this, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get one. However, you really should get a gift if you give her one.

Agnes’ Personality

agnes personlity
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Agnes has the sisterly personality type. This means that she’s pretty protective, and will give you tips on how to fight and relax when she first meets you. This is just part of her thinking that she’s protecting you, something that all sisterly Villagers do when they first meet players. As a sisterly Villager, she’s also one of the few characters in the game who will give you medicine after being stung by bees. Most Villagers won’t but sisterly Villagers have a connection to players that means that they will.

While Agnes is tough because of her personality, she’s also quite concerned about her appearance. She’ll take great care to look her best. Even so, she’ll stay up all night. You can see her if you’re playing late at night on the game because she’ll be outside with you, or staying up in her house doing something unnecessary. She’ll get on well with all players, and will offer to fight Villagers for them. This isn’t something you can instigate, but it’s a nice touch that this personality type is so concerned about players.

Agnes will get on well with jock, lazy, and peppy Villagers. They love how active she is and how much she likes to relax. They also love her energy, which is some of the best you can hope to see in the game. If you have any snooty or cranky Villagers on your island, Agnes won’t get on with them. They spread rumors, and Agnes hates that because it’s usually about someone she cares about. She’ll also struggle to get on with normal Villagers, but that doesn’t have to be the worst problem in the world for your island.

Agnes’ Appearance

agnes appearance
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This is probably the most interesting part of this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Agnes Villager Guide. Agnes is an almost entirely black pig. She has pink hands and feet, and a big pink nose. Her eyes make her look suspicious, but that’s probably because she’s looking out for the player all the time. In New Horizons, she’ll be frowning a lot. This seems to have become her default look, and it’s a bit odd. We can’t quite figure out why this is the case, but it’s probably because of her personality.

Agnes’ House

agnes house
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The exterior of Agnes’ house is black as night. This matches her appearance, so it’s a fitting home to have on your island. It can still fit in with others because it’s not a completely garish color. In fact, it’ll blend in with the background if you place it somewhere near some trees. You needn’t fret about having a house that looks totally out of place. It’s all good.

The interior of Agnes’ house is also very dark. The floor and walls are grey but very well patterned. There’s a giant rose bed in the middle of the room, and a lot of generally dark furniture around the place. There’s also a lot of cat-related stuff placed around the house, but no cat. We’re not sure where the cat is, but the assumption is that it’s just never around when the player is.

Facts About Agnes

The markings on Agnes’ face resemble those seen on Berkshire Pigs, a breed of pig in the real world. Her name in French means flower, which may be why she has a flower in her house. The translator could also have based the name on the flower in the house, so it’s hard to tell.