Audie is definitely one of the more interesting Villagers in this game. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Audie Villager Guide we’ll cover everything there is to know about her. We’re also going to dive into the lore around Audie, which is much deeper than it is with other Villagers.

First things first, Audie entered the Animal Crossing universe in Pocket Camp and New Horizons. She’s a fairly new Villager, which is what makes her highly desirable. She’ll fetch you between 15 and 20 million Bells on the Animal Crossing black market, or a few thousand Nook Miles Tickets if they take your fancy.

Who is Audie?

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Audie is a wolf Villager with orange fur. It’s thought that she’s been designed to look more like a fox, which is hinted at in her initial phrase, “foxtrot”. Her overall appearance actually resembles a Japanese Gyaru. this is a style where women tan their skin orange and dye their hair bright yellow. It may be unintentional, but it’s extremely accurate.


Audie’s birthday is on August 31, so yesterday! On that day you’d best go and visit her in her house, it’s where she’ll be hanging out for the entire day. She’ll give you a cake, and you can take part in the festivities. This will do wonders for your relationship with her, so it’s well worth investing the time if you can.

Audie’s Personality

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Audie is a peppy Villager, so she’s generally in a good mood all the time. She has a tendency to overreact in conversations, and will always be excited to see you. It gets dull very quickly let me tell you. On the plus side though, she’s never discouraged, and that’s a really nice thing to see in a character on your island.

Like all peppy villagers, Audie dreams of becoming famous one day, so she’ll act like she’s in love with herself a lot. She’ll also forget what she’s just said, because peppy Villagers have an incredibly short attention span.

Audie will get on with most Villagers, including sisterly, jock, normal, lazy, and other peppery Villagers. However, she’ll annoy cranky or snooty Villagers. She’s also going to go on about how old and boring those cranky and snooty Villagers are, so get used to it.

Audie’s House

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Audie’s house really does match her. It’s light blue and has an orange roof, perfect for her don’t you think? Inside she has set up what looks like a beach bar, complete with a neon sign. There’s a massive fridge for keeping drinks cool, and everything looks basically like what you’d expect to see at some sort of outdoor tiki bar.

Facts About Audie

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Audie is one of the most famous Villagers in the game thanks to her name. It’s said to come from an 88-year-old Animal Crossing fan, who played thousands of hours of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Her player name was Audie, and when the developers caught wind of this, they’re said to have changed the name of this Villager to Audie in order to honour the effort and time put into their game.

Finally, Audie is also the only wolf Villager with the peppy personality.

That’s everything there is for this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Audie Villager Guide. If there’s something that you think we missed, please let us know what it is in the comments.