Dobie is an interesting Villager in the Animal Crossing universe. He’s incredibly old, and has a personality to match, which is in stark contrast to every other Villager you’ll encounter in the game. It’s like he’s been crafted around a specific person in real life. While this could be true, we won’t be exploring that in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dobie Villager Guide. Instead, we’ll be looking into all the known facts about this Villager. Informing you on all there is to know, as well as some details that might have alluded you until now.

Who is Dobie?

who is dobie
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Dobie is a cranky wolf Villager. He used to have the lazy personality type in the early games, but that was changed when he came to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. With his new personality, he’s also now one of the more interesting Villagers that you’ll come across. He has a catchphrase that originates from the Hindu word “Om.” This is usually said while meditating, which is generally a character trait that makes characters quite relaxed.

Some fans believe that his name could be a reference top Dobie Gray, an R&B musician. This is because of the artist’s famous song “Drift Away.” This was back when Dobie’s personality was lazy, and may be part of the reason it has been changed. Anotehr possible reference for his name is Texan Folklorist J. Frank Dobie, and this one’s hinted at through the interior of his home. Finally, there’s a reference here to adobe clay, which has something to do with Dobie’s appearance. This may not be obvious to everyone though.

What is certain is that his German and Italian names are references to Sigmund Freud, and his French name is a direct reference to the French name for wolf.


dobies birthday
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Dobie’s birthday is on February 17. On this date, you’d be wise to head over to his house. He’ll be hanging out there waiting for other Villagers to come by and celebrate with him. If you swing by, he’ll be happy to take you in and celebrate with you. There will be a game to take part in, and you can even get in on the action. He’ll also share some cake with you, and you can use the cake to go out and help you work on your island. Save it for when you really need it though.

The best part about Villager birthdays is the fact that you can massively boost your relationship with them. Giving a gift to a Villager on this date will help you get closer with them. It’ll be much faster than completing quests or doing anything else to boost your relationship. If you’re lucky, he’ll come back and give you a gift on the following days. This is just something that Villagers like to do. You might even find it useful, or at least be able to sell it for some Bells.

Dobie’s Personality

dobies personality
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Since Dobie is now technically a cranky Villager, we’re going to cover that side of his personality. We may do a separate guide for his appearance in New Leaf for those fans that are interested. As a cranky Villager, Dobie will generally appear to be agitated or grouchy. He won’t have any other personality traits. This is just how cranky Villagers are, and you’re going to have to get used to that.

Cranky Villagers tend to hate everything and get on with basically no one. This is just how they are, but it can be grating when you see them all the time. One thing Dobie will do however, is challenge you to his hobby. He doesn’t have much else in his life, so this is a good way to connect with him. You’ll find that Dobie gets on well with snooty, jock, and other cranky Villagers. Occasionally he’ll get on with the lazy Villagers, but they really are few and far between. Just don’t count on him liking anyone.

Dobie definitely won’t get on with peppy Villagers. He finds them overstimulating. Whether this is part of his age or just his personality type isn’t known. He really wont’ get on with them though. Don’t expect to catch him socializing if they’re around.

Dobie’s Appearance

dobies appearance
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This is one of the most important sections of our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dobie Villager Guide. It can’t have escaped you that Dobie looks ancient. He’s murky, grey, and resembles what is commonly known as a Mexican Wolf. The tips of his ears are black, as is his nose, which are all traits of this animal. While you’ll only rarely see his eyes, he has brilliant gold irises for you to get lost in. Very much worth looking for when you catch him unawares.

The wrinkles all around his face and mouth are what makes everyone think he’s old. It’s not a big leap to make considering that he looks absolutely decrepit. He used to wear clothes of a much younger Villager, but those appear to be long gone at this point.

Dobie’s House

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Dobie Villager Guide
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The exterior of Dobie’s house is rather interesting. It’s much more of a square than the other houses you’ll get from Villagers. The dark green and blue make it blend into the background if you’re not paying attention. This is one house to get if you want houses to be hidden from view. You won’t see this house sticking out from view like some of the others in the game. The interior is like an office. There’s a huge desk, the wallpaper is covered in books, and a huge rug takes up the floor space. There’s also a whiteboard and a gramophone, things that reference his namesake.

Facts About Dobie

Dobie has a favorite fruit and one that he’s allergic to, peaches and cherries respectively. If you feed him too many cherries, he’s much less likely to drop bags of money.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Dobie reveals that he’s scared of the wolf Mask and that he’s the eldest of two children. You have to wonder who his younger brother is then.