In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Coco Villager Guide we’re looking at one of the scariest Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She’s been called all sorts of things over the last few months that the game has been on sale, and now it looks like she’ll remain one of the most popular Villagers in the game for a good long while.

Who is Coco?

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Coco is a normal rabbit Villager, even though she doesn’t look it. Apparently her name relates to the coconut, which is traditionally shown with three holes in it. She’s also said to be a reference to chocolate bunnies, which are given over the Easter period as a way to celebrate new life. However, the most accurate reason for her appearance comes from her Japanese name, Yayoi. This is a reference to the Yayoi Period.

During the Yayoi Period in Japan, Haniwa statues were created from the ashes of dead relatives. Some people were buried with these statues as a way to always be connected to their ancestors. It’s creepy, but when you look at pictures of these statues you’ll see that Coco is almost certainly one of them.

This makes Coco one of the few Villagers in the Animal Crossing series that isn’t actually an animal.


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Coco’s birthday is March 1. On this day, you can find her hanging out in her house waiting for you and other Villagers to show up. Everyone will be celebrating there, so it’s worth joining in. You’ll get a cake, and it should cement your friendship with Coco even further.

Coco’s Personality

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so far, Coco is the only normal rabbit in the Animal Crossing series. Each other rabbit has a different personality type. She also has the only face that doesn’t change with her expression or reaction, hence why so many people believe that she’s a Haniwa statue. Some even say that her personality is that of a dead person who has been made into the Haniwa that Coco is today.

Villagers with the normal personality, like Coco, will frequently perform acts of kindness for the player. She’ll also get along very well with peppy, smug, snooty, lazy, and normal Villagers too. The only Villagers she might rub the wrong way are cranky or sisterly Villagers. Since she’s a normal Villager, it will be extremely easy to develop a strong relationship with Coco.

Coco’s House

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This may be the most normal house that we’ve covered in these guides so far. Coco’s house looks standard from the outside. There’s nothing to make you think that it’s hers, but also nothing that makes it look out of the ordinary. The interior is exactly the same. There’s nothing weird here. Coco has stone furniture, but since she’s made of stone it’s what you’d expect to see. Everything is made of stone, even the walls and floors.

That’s the end of our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Coco Villager Guide. We hope that you now feel that you know a lot more about her. If there’s something that you think we missed, please let us know what in the comments.