Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony is a boss that mirrors The Penitent One visually and mechanically. She’s going to challenge almost every player in their first playthrough. More than anything, she’ll feel like the final boss of the game. While she isn’t, she’s a close second to that beast.

Phase 1

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There are three basic attacks to look out for with Crisanta of the Wrapped Agonya. These are a leap attack, a slash, and a parry. The key to this phase of the fight is not to let her get a leap attack in. This is the attack that will devastate your health and leave you vulnerable. It also creates an explosion that will completely mess up any rhythm you have built up.

Our advice is to get her into a corner. Do this by getting there yourself and baiting her in if you have to. Once she’s in there, spam the attack button. You’ll get a good number of attacks in. Of course, the boss is going to react by attacking you right back. Don’t worry though.

You can block any incoming attacks with a parry. This will leave the boss open to yet more slashes from you, which should help make short work of her health if done right. Just remember to respect this enemy. She can and will destroy you if you get lazy. Keep a close eye on what she’s doing.

Phase 2

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It’s easy to see when Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony enters Phase 2, because the wraps around her sword fall off. Now her sword will glow purple. This is the time to be careful, because the boss has two new devastating attacks in her arsenal.

The first is a charge attack. You’ll see this when the boss disappears, only to reappear at one end of the arena. She’ll charge for a second, then try to hit you with that charged attack as she rushes across the arena. You can easily dodge this by jumper over her, but if she disappears in mid-air, she might reappear and attack you by surprise.

The second new attack is exactly the same as the first, but it’s in the air. This can be pretty tough to dodge, but you can do it by crouching or sliding. Keep up this tactic of avoiding her attacks and hitting her when you can, and the boss will be down.


It’s said that Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony is another Penitent One. Her vision has been taken from her, just like the protagonist’s. She believes that her penances are different to The Penitent Ones, which is why they are in opposition. At some undefined point, she also took part in the massacre of the Wardens of the Silent Sorrow. At the point at which they player meets her, she is devoted to His Holiness Escribar.

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