There are some incredibly beautifully designed Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are also Villagers like Pietro to balance them out, however. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diana Villager Guide, we’re going to explore everything there is to know about one of the best-looking Villagers in this game.

Who is Diana?

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Diana is a snooty deer Villager, but her looks really do save her from being hated most of the time. That might sound shallow, and it is in a way, but aesthetics mean a lot in this game.

Diana first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and she made the transition to New Horizons to the joy of so many fans. Her most unique quality is that she’s the only snooty deer Villager in the game. Out of 400 potential Villagers, she’s the only one with this magical combination. That alone makes her very special.

It’s thought that Diana is named for the Roman goddess of the hunt. The symbol of this goddess was a deer, so it would make sense. Her Spanish name, Bambina, means ‘girl’ in Italian. That name also references Bambi, the popular Disney movie and character.

To give you an idea of who Diana is, her phrase is ‘No Doy.’ This is a play on the phrase ‘No Duh,’ which is something that you may come across snooty people saying in real life.


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Diana’s birthday is January 4. On this day, you should pop by her house and spend some time with her. She’ll be having a party with a group of friends. While she might not have invited you, you’ll definitely be welcome.

Over the course of the celebrations you’ll build up your relationship with this Villager, and maybe even get a cake out of it. That cake can be used to help you later down the line, so it’s worth grabbing. The added relationship status with Diana is great if you want to keep her on your island.

Diana’s Personality

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This may turn into a bit of a sore subject for Diana’s fans. She’s a snooty Villager, which isn’t the best personality type to have in this game. As a snooty Villager, she appears to be rude and arrogant when you first meet her. Once you get to know her though, she’ll warm up to you.

Most of the conversations that you have with Diana will revolve around her. This is what snooty Villagers do. They love inserting themselves into conversations and never is that more prevalent than when talking with Diana.

Snooty Villagers tend to get on with cranky, normal, peppy, and other snooty Villagers. Diana will get on with other female Villagers much better, that’s just part of who she is.

The Villagers that Diana won’t get on with so well are jock and lazy personality types. These Villagers either love to exercise, or eat and relax. Snooty Villagers can’t get on with them because they won’t chat about anyone else. This is something snooty Villagers love to do. In fact, you may find Diana chatting to you about the jocks and lazy Villagers on your very own island.

Once Diana has warmed up to you, her personality doesn’t seem to shine through as much. She’ll be a little more polite, but she’ll never stop being rude entirely.

Diana’s Appearance

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If you haven’t had a look at Diana by now, please do so. She is by far one of the prettiest Villagers in the game. She’s a crowning jewel for any player collecting good-looking Villagers, which is definitely an aesthetic some players go for.

She has a base of white fur, with a lilac lock of hair on her head. It makes her look like she’s wearing an incredibly fashionable hat. Her pink hooves accentuate the white coloring, and she wears purple clothes as much as possible to really show off her unique color scheme.

Diana’s House

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Diana had a much better house in New Leaf than she does in New Horizons. In New Leaf, her house looked magical from the outside, and her furniture matched it. In New Horizons, her house reminds us of one of the stately homes you may come across in the US. It’s all white, but nothing stands out. It could be one of a million houses dotted around the world. Still, if you want a clean look, it doesn’t get better than this.

Moving inside of Diana’s house, you’ll see that it’s pretty sparse. This is minimalism taken to the next level. Her bed is just a towel on the floor, and the major feature in here is a bath. It shows that she’s very concerned about looking after herself and making herself look good. However, it also reveals how shallow she is, and how much she cares about what others think of her.

Facts About Diana

There are a few things that are quite interesting about Diana. The first one we should point out is how her house reflects the fact that she’s clearly inspired by the Roman goddess. It looks like a spa, has statues, and even some pillar wallpaper. If that doesn’t make the link, we don’t know what will.

The next thing to know is that Diana is one of five siblings. This is revealed during an in-game event. She tells players that she’s the oldest, which explains where her snooty attitude comes from.

Diana has a big issue with Flora. It seems to be to do with her size. If you have both on your island, be prepared to hear about how much Diana hates that entire situation.

Finally, Diana is one of the Villagers used to push New Leaf Tickets on players. As a result, most of the player base believe she’s rich. This would make sense with her snooty personality type. She clearly doesn’t have any concept of money, and it’s only made her more rude.

That’s all there is to know about Diana in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Diana Villager Guide. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new. If there’s anything we missed, tell us so in the comments.