Recently Erik has been rising through the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager popularity chart on Animal Crossing Portal. It seems as though players are excited to get this Villager on their island because of the autumnal time of year. This is our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Erik Villager guide.

For reasons that will become obvious as you read on, Erik is very suitable for the seasons of the year when leaves turn brown and fall from the trees. He has a fabulous jumper, and is generally just very suitable for the season.

Who is Erik?

Image Source: Reddit

Erik is a deer Villager, but he looks just like an elk. His first appearance was actually in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s thought that Erik’s name is actually a variation of ‘elk’, which you can sort of see if you separate out the letters.

However, Erik also looks very much like an elk, and Erik is a name commonly used in Nordic countries. This is yet more evidence that he’s based on an elk. The final nail in the coffin for this theory is his house, which is a frozen wonderland. This resembles where elk live in the wild.

I love Erik’s jumper. It makes him look cosy and autumnal, and like he wants to spend the day indoors next to a warm fire. He is the perfect Villager for this time of year. I expect to see him popping up in the Villager list every autumn, unless there’s an even more appropriate Villager out there.


Erik’s birthday is July 27. Make sure you visit him in his house, where he’ll be sending the entire day. You’ll advance your relationship, which is great for the rest of your game, and you might even get a present out of it. Of course, he’ll probably give you a better present on your birthday as well.

Erik’s Personality

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Erik is a lazy Villager, which means he loves to talk about food, and sleep. It also makes him very easy to get on with, because he has a laid back lifestyle that shouldn’t offend anyone. He does also love to fish, which is where you’ll find him if he’s not sleeping or eating food somewhere on your island.

The only issue you might find with Erik is that his lazy personality offends jock Villagers. Those Villagers have an active lifestyle, and they don’t understand anyone who isn’t as active as them. On the plus side, he’s going to get on very well with sisterly, smug, peppy, and normal Villagers. When it comes to cranky Villagers he’s a bit hit and miss, as he is with snooty Villagers, but no one really cares about them.

Erik’s House

Image Source: Nookipedia

From the outside, Erik’s house suits him down to the ground. It’s a wooden structure that looks like a log cabin that you’d find in Norway somewhere nestled between some snowy trees. It’s easily the best house to have on your island around winter time, because it’ll be so aesthetically pleasing.

The interior of Erik’s house is filled with all of the winter gear in the game. There’s a sledge to sit on, a table, bench, and even a bed made from actual ice blocks. It’s almost as if this Villager doesn’t feel the cold. I wouldn’t choose it for myself, but it is nice to look at.

That’s all there is for our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Erik Villager guide. If there’s something that you think we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments.