Goldie is a caramel-colored dog Villager. She has the normal personality and has appeared in every single Animal Crossing entry to date. She’s one of the few dog Villagers in the game and has to be based on one of the most lovable dog breeds in existence. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Goldie Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Goldie. We’ll also tell you some facts about her that you probably didn’t know. This should make one of the more boring Villagers in the series a lot more interesting.

Who is Goldie?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Goldie Villager Guide
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As we’ve mentioned, Goldie is a caramel-colored dog Villager. Her name is probably a reference to the breed of dog that she resembles, the Golden Retriever. The initial catchphrase she uses is actually a popular way to interpret dog sounds in Japan, adding a bit more credence to the ties between her name and a breed of dog. Her Japanese name is a reference to a sweet that’s caramel in color, which could be a link between her name and a food. However, we believe that it’s far more likely that the developers named her for the dog breed over the sweet.


goldies birthday
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Goldie’s birthday is on December 27. As a result, you’ve got to remember to celebrate it after both Christmas and Boxing Day. Still, you’re more likely to remember it because of the fact that it’s during the holiday period. On this day, Goldie will be hanging out in her house all day. She’ll be celebrating with all the Villagers who pop by to see her. You can also celebrate it you head over and see her. You’ll get to take part in some games. There’s also a cake in it for you if you do this, but you might need to give her a gift first.

Celebrating a birthday with a Villager is the best way to build a relationship with them. If you want to befriend Goldie quickly, make sure that you visit her on her birthday. It’s an essential part of any relationship building in the series.

Goldie’s Personality

goldies personality
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Goldie has the normal personalities, one of the best personalities in New Horizons. Normal Villagers are always kind, and they tend to be extra friendly with players. Count yourself lucky if you have her on your island then. The best thing about normal Villagers is that they get on well with almost everyone, including those with a peppy, lazy, smug, snooty, and normal personality type. The only personality types that Goldie might have some issues with being cranky and sisterly. These Villagers are generally grumpy and protective, so they’ll immediately be suspicious of all other Villagers. After a while though, they’ll probably warm up to Goldie. However, it will take some time.

Normal Villagers can be found out and about from 6 AM. This is a personality trait that all normal Villagers share, so you’ll see Goldie walking around your island if you happen to be up that early. These Villagers are also easier to befriend than most others. This is because they’re so friendly, and mainly just want to be friends with everyone they meet.

The only weird thing about normal Villagers, something that they share with peppy Villagers, is the fact that they’ll talk about an unseen Villager called Moppina. We know for a fact that this is just a mp, but they insist that it’s a real Villager. Try not to talk to them about it, and hopefully they’ll stop talking.

Goldie’s Appearance

goldies appearance
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The big thing about Goldie is her appearance. She looks just like a Golden Retriever, one of the most popular breeds of dog. You can see this in the yellow/caramel color of her fur. She also has a patch around one eye that is much darker than the rest of her fur. This gives her a cute look that also differentiates her face enough to make you notice more about her. The shirts and dresses she wears are generally bright colors. She comes across as a bit of a hippie in this way, which some players might not like. Spend enough time with her though, and you’ll definitely learn to love her.

In previous games, the difference between the fur around her eye and mouth has been much more dramatic. That’s because older consoles haven’t had the processing power that the Switch has. With this console, it’s possible to display much more subtle changes that players eye’s can pick up.

Goldie’s House

goldies house
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The exterior of Goldie’s house will instantly make you think of her. The roof is bright yellow, and the door and window are brown. These reflect her fur and patches, making it an unmissable addition to your island. If you’re looking for a street full of quirky houses, then hers is a great addition. It would even fit in a row of pretty normal-looking houses.

The interior is brown, but that’s because it’s all made of wood. The walls are paneled with wood, and the floor is made up of floorboards. She has loads of wooden furniture, including the piano, table, bed, and draws. while her sofa is simple and white, it goes with all the wooden furniture, so nothing looks out of place in her home.

Facts About Goldie

There’s a lot that you might not know about Goldie. For example, her picture quote in Wild World mentions a labrador, which is another breed of dog that she resembles. Sticking with picture quotes, she’s also the only Villager in Wild World to mention another video game in hers.

Goldie asks for a book-themed home in Happy Home Designer. Adding a stereo to the house will see if playing forest Life, which is a reference to her hippy personality. This is a reference that you really won’t get unless you’ve played a few Animal Crossing games.

Goldie was once voted as the 16th most popular Villager in Animal Crossing in a Japanese poll. Out of a possible 400 Villagers, that is insanely good. She achieved this with 935 votes.

In New Leaf, around Halloween, if you visited Goldie you could discover that she’s actually afraid of the Werewolf Hood. This might only be possible if you wear the hood and scare her.

Also revealed in New Leaf, Goldie tells you that she’s the eldest of her sisters. The three are triplets, meaning that she was born what must only be a few minutes ahead of the other two. That’s still enough time to give her a complex about being the oldest though.