Lucky is a Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons who seems to be getting a lot of attention right now. Since that’s the case, we decided to put together this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lucky Villager guide, covering everything there is to know about this slightly spooky Villager.

As I just pointed out, Lucky is a pretty spooky-looking Villager. His face is mostly covered by bandages, though he does have one bright yellow eye shining out to stare at you. It’s almost certainly because of this that he’s so popular this October, the month of Halloween. I wouldn’t be surprised if a streamer or two has raised awareness of him through their content, sparking an increase in demand.

Who is Lucky?

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Luck is a dog Villager who has been in every Animal Crossing game to date. His name is said to come from the fact that he is actually wearing a full-body cast, yet somehow he’s still alive. If that makes him lucky, then I don’t want to be, to be honest.

More fans see the name as ironic, which I believe is a much safer bet. There’s no way this guy is luck in any sense of the word. He actually seems to say ‘ouch’ quite a lot, which is a good sign that he’s in constant pain. Be sure to give him a wide berth if you see him walking around.


If you’re reading this early in the year, then book in November 4, because that’s Lucky’s birthday. He’ll be hanging around at his house all day, which is where you should go if you want to celebrate with him. It’ll be good for your relationship. You might even get something good out of it when your birthday rolls around.

Lucky’s Personality

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Surprisingly, Lucky is a lazy Villager. As such, he has a laid-back lifestyle, though that might be enforced due to his full body cast. He’s friendly with almost everyone and should get on with them without any trouble. You’ll often find him fishing or relaxing, or talking about food, like most lazy Villagers.

The only Villagers that Lucky may confuse or offend are jocks, they just don’t get on with his lazy lifestyle. He should get on with everyone else, but the occasional snooty Villager is going to take issue with him. They have really short term memories though, so don’t worry about any fights breaking out on your island.

Lucky’s House

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It’s Lucky’s house that is the real draw for having him on your island. From the outside, it may be dark, but it’s far from foreboding. It’s the interior that you need to be concerned about.

Inside his house, Lucky has some incredibly scary furniture. It’s not really worth calling it furniture, to be honest, because it’s just graves and gravestones. If this isn’t cause enough to consider the fact that he might be undead, I don’t know what is.

Facts About Lucky

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Don’t give him an eyepatch. That’s animal cruelty.

That’s it for our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lucky Villager guide. If there’s anything you think we missed, please let us know what it is in the comments.