Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Brother vs Brother is one of the last missions that you’ll come up against in the game. It sees you head out to face off against Cole D. Walker, the game’s primary antagonist. Before you get there though, there’s a bit of a challenge. Walker himself is also a bit of a tough fight. Here we’re going to walk you through everything there is to know about the mission, and even some secrets you might not be aware of.


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Before you even get to Cole D. Walker, you’re going to have to fight a Behemoth Drone. These guys are not messing around. They’re among the toughest drones that you’ll face in tour time with the game. As a result, it’s recommended that you go into this mission with your gear level at 150 at least.


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Once the Behemoth Drone is down, you’ll actually be onto fighting Walker himself. He’s in a specific location that’s going to be working to protect him. He’s got personal drones that will protect him from bullets and explosives. This makes him much more difficult to take down than any other human enemy in the game.

Our tip here is to take the drones down first. Focus on shooting them, and you should be able to take them down slowly. When you’ve shot them all out of the sky, take Walker down. You must attack Walker as quickly as possible because he might recover his protection if you don’t. For an extra measure of caution, get a headshot in.

When you’ve killed Walker, you’ll get a load of rewards dumped onto your character. There’s a great Pistol called the Silver Stake Tactical, which is absolutely phenomenal in a firefight. You also get the Blueprint for the weapon and the same of each for the Sharp Thunder weapon. Finally, you’ll also get 3,000 Skell Credits and the Silent Hunter Emblem.

Many players say that Walker is a bit of a bullet sponge. He seems to soak up a lot of fire from you and your teammates, which might not be that much fun if you’re looking for a tactical experience in this game. Just know that he’s the final boss, and you can move on to more tactical activities with him out of the way.


Interestingly, you can take Walker down, completing the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Brother vs Brother mission, before the game has really started.

From the game’s beginning, you’re tasked with heading from crash site to crash site. You need to know you’re way around this area of the game in order to make this paradoxical skip happen. I suggest that you play through the story at least once before you ruin it for yourself here.

Instead of moving from the first crash site, where you take the call, to the second one, head straight for the final one. The last crash site is where you pick up a vehicle and head to Erewhon. Once you’ve visited the final site, you can drive to Erewhon and equip some better gear.

Don’t worry though, because you can still return to visit that second crash site. When you do, you’ll be able to take a shot at Walker and kill him. You’ll know you’ve done it because of a notification telling you that the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Brother vs Brother mission is complete. You’ll also get all of the rewards I mentioned earlier.

It’s a weird way to do things, but it’s a good bit of fun for anyone who has already played this game to death. Let us know if we missed anything about Walker or this mission in the comments.