Maple is one of the most autumnal Villagers that we’ve ever covered on this website. She’s been part of the Animal Crossing series in every single game, making her a true icon for the Animal Crossing community. She’s adorable for so many reasons, all of which we’ll be covering in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Maple Villager Guide.

Who is Maple?

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Maple is a normal cub Villager, making her one of the few in the series at large. If you couldn’t tell, her name is derived from the Maple Tree. This is a tree that is synonymous with pancakes and cinnamon toast, as well as winter for many people. It’s pretty obvious because she wears one of these trees on her jumper.

Interestingly, in Animal Crossing: Wild World, Maple is the only Villager to mention another Villager in her quote. However, this becomes less impressive when you realise that she’s talking about the imaginary Villager all normal Villagers refer to as Moppina. This Villager is actually just a mop.


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Maple’s birthday is June 15. Make sure you head to her house on this day, because you’ll be able to take part in the celebrations with her. There should be cake on offer, and maybe even a present for you further down the line. Above all, this will improve your relationship with Maple, so it’s definitely something that’s worth doing.

Maple’s Personality

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As I mentioned above, Maple has the normal personality type. This means that she’s very easy to get on with. In fact, developing a relationship with her is easier than it is with most other Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

On top of getting along well with the player, and being very easy to develop a close relationship with, Maple will get on with almost every other Villager in the game very easily too. Lazy, snooty, normal, peppy, and smug Villagers are all great friends to Maple. The only ones she might have some conflict with are sisterly Villagers, and cranky Villagers. Though these personalities have problems with most Villagers.

One final aspect of Maple’s normal personality is that it will make her get up at 6am every day. If you’re looking for someone to go for a morning run with, it’s probably going to be her.

Maple’s House

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Maple might have the most normal house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So it suits her personality then. From the exterior, the house is unseeming. It looks like one you might pass in the street in real life.

The interior of the house is just as normal. It looks like the decor of a cottage in the countryside somewhere int he centre of England. I think it’s the rug in the middle of the room that makes everything come together.

Facts About Maple

The thing about Maple is that she’s very cute. The Animal Crossing community love this about her. As a result, there are dozens of videos of her just walking around and being cute. Below is one of the better ones that focuses on the Villager themselves.

That brings our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Maple Villager Guide to an end. If there’s anything you think we missed, please do let us know in the comments.