Apple, like Cherry, is a Villager who is named after a food and themed around it, but seems to have their own thing going on. She’s a peppy hamster Villager who is very upfront about her cheeks. She will not stop going on about them, and that’s sort of because of the apple theme going on here. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Apple Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about this Viallger, including some facts that you may never have heard of before.

Who is Apple?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Apple Villager Guide
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As we mentioned above, Apple is a peppy hamster Villager. She’s been in a few of the older games in the series, including New Leaf and Pocket Camp. While you’ll immediately notice her red cheeks and green ears as references to green and red apples, she’s a lot more than that.

However, the developers really wanted to hammer home the idea that this is an apple-inspired Villager. Her catchphrase is apparently a term for ‘apple-cheeked.’ This is something that relates to her rosy red cheeks. It’s also possibly a reference to the fact that she’s a hamster. These creatures are well known for stuffing their cheeks with food. That’s why it would make sense to draw attention to the cheeks.


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Apple’s birthday is on September 24. On this day, she’ll be hanging out in her home waiting for you and other Villagers to come over and celebrate with her. She will be hosting party games and having cake. If you go over, you’ll get some cake out of it, and it’s a great chance to give her a present. This is also the perfect time to develop your relationship with Apple. The more effort you make, the more your relationship will improve. Over time, you’ll appreciate that you did it.

Apple’s Personality

apples personality
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Apple has the peppy personality type. This means that she’s almost always in a good mood, and that makes her much easier to get on with. As a result, it’s also easier to cultivate a relationship with her.

Since she’s a peppy Villager, Apple is going to be over-reacting to almost everything you say. Any sort of emotion will be shown all over her face, and she might even shout about it as well. This is completely normal for all peppy Villagers. ( It’s still a little bit annoying though. When she sees you, she’ll usually be overexcited about it. This is a nice thing to see on your island, so make the most of it when it happens.

The best thing about peppy Villagers is that they can rarely be discouraged from doing anything. Particularly when it comes to their hobby. They’re super determined, and that makes them quite fun to be around.

The goal of most peppy Villagers is to become famous. They really want to be seen in the magazine Ms. Nintendique, something that snooty and normal Villagers all read. While this will probably never happen, it’s nice for everyone on your island to have a goal.

One of the worst things about peppy Villagers is that they have almost no attention span. This means that they won’t remember much of what you’ve said. Even holding a conversation can be difficult. On the other hand, they’ll forget it quickly if you annoy or anger them. Even if you don’t complete a task for them, they’ll just forget it.

Apple will get on well with peppy, sisterly, normal, lazy, and jock personality types. However, she’s going to annoy snooty and cranky Villagers. Part of this might be her ambition to become famous, but these personality types tend to hate everyone anyway.

Apple’s Appearance

apples appearance
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It can’t have escaped you by now that Apple literally looks like an apple. Her body is almost entirely bright red. This makes her look like an apple because that’s exactly what they look like. Her ears only accentuate the situation by appearing like tufts of leaves sticking out at the top. To me, her ears actually look like little green apples, adding some differentiation to her appearance.

The top she initially wears is covered in spots. It doesn’t do much to add to the apple theme, which is why I say that she’s not a proper food-themed Villager. She’s definitely leaning that way, but she is so much more of a unique Villager than many of the others in this series.

Apple’s House

apples house
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Apple’s home is nothing much to look at, it is consistent with her appearance though. It’s red and pink on the outside. It doesn’t stand out as much as other houses in the series. That’s a nice change for a food Villager because you can make them fit in without too much of a fuss.

The interior is quite heavily apple-themed. There are pieces of apple furniture, such as chairs and TVs, everywhere. Even the wallpaper is apples, so you can certainly see that Apple loves apples. However, there’s also a decent amount of pink painted wooden furniture. This makes Apple feel a little more individual, even if she is delving way too hard into the apple products.

Facts About Apple

One of the things that isn’t widely known about Apple is the fact that she has siblings. You’ll only have come across this fact if you played New Leaf on April Fool’s Day and had access to her. She reveals this fact to players, telling them that she is one of four siblings. You have to wonder who those other four hamsters are, and what they look like.

The only other thing that the Animal Crossing community seems to love about Apple is just how cute she is. She’s one of the few Villagers in the game who are obscenely cute. You can watch her go about her day and see several extremely cute moments happening all over your island. If nothing else, this is one of the key reasons that you’d have her on your island. If you want to fill your own personal location with cute Villagers, then this is a good place to start.