The Penetrator is one of the early bosses in Demon’s Souls who will cause you a lot of trouble if you’re not prepared to take it on. This boss is actually wearing the armour you’ll get by opening the secret door in the Demon’s Souls remake on PS5. Many fans were excited by this discovery because, despite it being a pain in the ass, this is a fan favourite boss. Here’s how to kill it.


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The Penetrator is a human-like enemy, which generally means that they’re going to be pretty hard to kill. the first attack you should look out for is a sweep with its sword. It’ll swing from left to right twice. Dodge back when you see this coming, and don’t get caught out thinking it’ll only do one swing. (

The next attack to look for is a lunging one that sees the boss plunge forwards at you. It’ll move from left to right, so be sure to dodge to your right to avoid it. If you don’t, this attack will seriously hurt.

Another attack the Penetrator can pull off is a diagonal upward slash. This sees it attack upwards from left to right. Do yourself a favour and dodge to the right. This will avoid the attack, unless you accidentally dodge the wrong way that is.

It’s time to discuss the Penetrator’s namesake, a penetrating attack. This is forecasted by the boss’ sword glowing blue. Move to the boss’ side and dodge the attack, because this one can really hurt. If you don’t the boss thrusts its sword forwards and through you. This is the most powerful attack it can do.

Finally, there’s also a horizontal swing from left to right that the boss can perform. It’s easy to dodge by moving to your right. Just don’t get hit by this after a penetrating attack.


Image Source: YouTube

Getting up close and personal with this boss, fighting it with melee attacks, is a tactic that’s hard to pull off. It may well be your only option though. If it is, then stick to the dodges outlined above to avoid taking too much damage. You need to be patient and get in a few hits at a time when there’s a gap. If you get too greedy, the boss is going to punish you with a flurry of devastating hits.

At range, this boss is a bit easier. you can fire off soul arrows and deal a decent amount of damage. There’s very little the boss can do apart from chase you down. If you keep moving and firing ranged attacks though, you’ll kill it long before it can kill you. Just don’t get too cocky and fire off more shots that you can handle.

That’s everything you need to know about this boss in Demon’s Souls. It’s not as challenging as some of the game’s later bosses, but it is a wall for a number of players that they never quite manage to get over.

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