In Hitman 3 there are so many different things to unlock. These include items that you can sneak into a location with, or have smuggled in, starting positions, and of course exits. Exits in particular are incredibly useful, since they allow you to perform other feats and get out of a location in a much faster manner than you’d have to use otherwise. In this guide, we’ll be covering the Hitman 3 helicopter key in Dubai, where to find it, and the exit it unlocks.

What is the Hitman 3 Helicopter Key?

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The helicopter key is, as you’d expect, a key to the helicopter in the hitman 3 Dubai level. You can’t escape the location in the helicopter without it, so you need to find it first.

Once you have it, you can escape using the helicopter. This means that Agent 47 can walk up to it, get in, and fly away from the highest level of Dubai. Normally, this isn’t possible. However, it means that you can kill your target on this same level and then get away before anyone notices you.

Where is the Helicopter Key?

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The key is actually available as part of one of the story missions for Dubai. If you choose to take the role of the newly joined recruit, Agent 47 will get to be right next to one of his targets. Follow the story until the end. It will see the target request that Agent 47 throw knives at targets to prove his worth.

In this area, the key is on a table. You can still kill your target in whatever manner you feel like. Just make sure you pick it up off the table. Conveniently, there’s a ladder than leads up to the helicopter from here, making it the perfect exit for anyone looking to escape quickly.

If you make this target the second one you kill out of the two, then you’ll be able to leave without anyone noticing you. If you don’t, then you’ll need to move around the mission and take down the second target before you can exit the mission. This might be more difficult since the helicopter will now be further away.

Watch Out for the Pilot

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It’s important to realise that there’s a pilot near the helicopter when you first approach it. Regardless of whether you have the key or not, you’ll need to take out the pilot before you leave. This is pretty easy. All you need to do is subdue the pilot, lethally or not, and then take their outfit.

The only advantage to taking the pilot’s disguise is that you’ll add to the list of disguises that you’ve collected. There’s really nothing more to gain from it.

That’s all you need to know about the helicopter key in the Dubai location. It’s very important for unlocking the helicopter exit, but otherwise completely useless. If you want to ensure that you unlock every exit in the game, then you need to use the helicopter at least once. Don’t feel pressured into using it though.