Whether you’re playing the original Demon’s Souls, or the PlayStation 5 remake, there are a lot of mechanics that you need to take into account. This game, unlike the rest of the soulsborne genre, has systems called World Tendency and Character Tendency. These affect a few different things in your world and around your playthrough. In this guide, we’ll cover how to get Pure White Character Tendency in Demon’s Souls.

Character Tendency is specific to your character. No matter what your World Tendency is, your character will have different buffs or nerfs applied to them. because of their Character Tendency.

How to Get Pure White Character Tendency in Demon’s Souls

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Pure White is the highest positive Character Tendency you can achieve. To reach it, you’ll need to complete a number of deeds that are considered to be good by the game’s standards. One of the best ways to do this is by killing Black Phantoms.

A Black Phantom is another player that has invaded your world. There are also a number of named Black Phantom NPCs who appear throughout the game. Killing them will also push you towards a lighter Character Tendency. However, not all NPC Black Phantoms that you defeat will count towards a lighter Tendency. For example, the two Black Phantoms near Crystal Gecko Nest, and the three just before the Penetrator’s hall. It’s also known that the Black Phantoms Ostrava, of Boletaria and Garl Vinland won’t adjust your Character Tendency.

Black Phantoms That Count

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The following is a list of the Black Phantoms that you should kill if you want to push your Character Tendency towards the light.

  • Executioner Miralda – This Black Phantom appears at the Gates of Boletaria. Note that you must deliver the final blow, and she can’t fall to her death.
  • Scirvir, the Wanderer – This Black Phantom appears in The Tunnel City.
  • Lord Rydell – This guy appears in the Prison of Hope.
  • Old Monk – If you defeat this guy in online mode, he will count towards a lighter Character Tendency.
  • Satsuki – She appears on Island’s Edge.
  • Selen Vinland – Defeat this Black Phantom in the Swamp of Sorrows. Do not kill her with a Soulsucker because it won’t count towards Character Tendency then.

Things Not to do

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While the above are actions you should definitely complete for a lighter Character Tendency, here I’ve covered actions you should avoid. The following actions will darken your Character Tendency, which you don’t want.

Don’t kill harmless NPCs. Whether they’re a vendor, or just a creepy bystander, if they don’t attack you, don’t kill them. this also applies to the Blue Phantom who will appear in the Nexus. Don’t kill him, because it will harm your journey to Pure White Character Tendency.

That’s all there is to know about how to get Pure White Character Tendency in Demon’s Souls. This game is challenging, and having a Pure Black Character tendency simply makes it even more so. to avoid sending yourself into a spiralling mess of challenging enemies, aim to have as close to a Pure White Character Tendency as possible at all times.

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