Hitman 3 comes in two versions. There’s the standard edition and the Deluxe Edition. There’s a pretty obvious difference between the two of these, but to some, it’s not a question of the obvious stuff. In this guide, we’re going to tell why the Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition is worth it. Sure, it costs a little more, but the content you get outweighs that cost. This wasn’t always the case, but we’ll explain that as well. First, let’s see what’s in the box.

Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition Contents

Is Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition Worth it
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Out of the box, even if it’s a digital box, you get more with the Deluxe Edition. On top of the base game, you get some deluxe suits and items for use across all Hitman 3 missions. There’s also a digital soundtrack and artbook, as well as a commentary on each level from the game’s director. Finally, you also get the six Deluxe Escalations. These are missions in Hitman 3 that are very different to all the other missions on offer.

An Escalation is a contract that has three levels. The first one is easy, and the levels slowly escalate until they become incredibly tough. Let’s go through the six Deluxe Escalations that you get with the Deluxe Edition now.

The Satu Mare Delirium

In this Escalation, Agent 47 has been captured. A rogue gang has imprisoned him in a revamped version of the game’s Berlin map. Once he’s awake, you take control and must kill those who have wronged him. This is the best Deluxe Escalation. It sees Agent 47 in a straitjacket acting like a madman. It’s also the only Escalation to start at one point, and finish at another entirely. The starting points never repeat, making it feel like a continuous journey. The complication of monkey toys that alert enemies to your position is also genius.

The Proloff Parable

This Escalation is the only one in theCarpathian Mountains location. While it’s simple in its layout, it is extremely enjoyable. Players need to work their way through the train as a literal ninja, and it never gets easy. This is what makes the Escalation so much fun to play. When the challenge is there, Hitman 3 shines as a truly epic game. It’s only when that challenge is compromised that it doesn’t. Luckily this Escalation keeps things interesting from start to finish.

The Lee Hong Derivation

In this Deluxe Escalation, you head to Chongqing. You need to take out a number of targets with increasingly complex kill requirements. By the final level, this Escalation becomes the most challenging of them all. It’s enjoyable though. Nothing ever feels unfair. It simply forces you to work on your timing. To the point that if you miss a single shot early on, you may as well restart the entire Escalation. The sniper rifle and outfit you get as a reward are well worth it though.

The Gauchito Antiquity

With this Escalation, you earn a new outfit and a collection of new tools to kill with. It’s very focused on using poison to kill enemies, and if you’re going for a Silent Assassin run, extremely difficult. The first level sees you acquire all your new gadgets. After that, you need to use them all in level 2. Level 3 requires a bit more finesse though. You’ll have to have map knowledge, and think on your feet a little. Very much worth the payoff though.

The Percival Passage

While it’s a bit easy, The Percival Passage is easily one of the most memorable Escalations in Hitman 3. It sees Agent 47 dress up like he’s off hunting, except his targets are what he’s killing. The whole Escalation feels absurd. However, it will test your map knowledge to its absolute limit. You’re going to need to know how every guard moves in this map if you want to complete this mission. It’s definitely one to tackle when you’ve got a few hours under your belt.

The Asmodeus Waltz

Another absurd Escalation. Agent 47 must kill the targets he sees a strange golden man standing near. While it might sound odd, it’s all worth it for the final level of the mission. It’s a crescendo moment that sees the culmination of your map knowledge and skills all come together to make for the perfect kills. Leading up to it, you’ve got a lot of work to do though. Be aware that this one can take a while. It’s all worth it in the end though.

Cost vs Content

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Ultimately, it’s a matter of cost vs content when asking is Hitman 3 worth it. The added cosmetics don’t just give you more to play with in the game, they’re rewards from actual challenges. You have to really work to earn them. The Deluxe Edition might seem like it’s not worth it given the price, but it is if you’re going to invest dozens of hours in the game.

The thing is, at some point, you start to get a little fatigued with the content. you need the extra suits and items to keep things interesting. Whether it’s earning them or just using them to make content for others, the question of is Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition worth it will be answered. It’s all about how you use that content, not what it does for you.