Tres Angustias is the fifth boss that you’ll come up against in Blasphemous. It’s actually a boss that’s actually made up of three individual enemies. This fight isn’t neccessarily harder because there are more enemies, but it is one that you’re going to need to adapt your play style to.

Phase 1

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The most important thing to know right away is that blocking and parrying are paramount to this fight. These enemies use a lot of attacks that you can outright avoid if you just make use of blocking and parrying, but you’ll need to take note of when they attack precisely. I’d advse equipping soem Rosary Beads that will extend the time an enemy is stunned for having been blocked. This will give you a greater chance of making a follow up parrying attack.

The key feature of this fight that you might not be expecting is the floor. There is fire rising up from below, so you’ll need to continuously climb as you fight the enemies. It’s not that much of a challenge to keep up with the floors, but it is one more thing that you have to think about, so pay attention.

Two of the enemies weild a spear. They use these to summon a lightning beam that will hit you and cause damage. Occasionaly one of them will use it to smack you, keeping you on your toes. You can block and parry these attacks, but given that there are three enemies to deal with, it can be hard to follow up your blocks.

Whilst these enemies will remain as three for Phase 1, things change totally for Phase 2.

Phase 2

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At this point in the fight, the three enemies will come together to form a larger shadow. Whilst in this form it is important to attack them as much as possible. This is when you’ll get most of the damage in. However, in this form the boss will also telegraph a much larger attack, as well as the position that the attack will land. Be aware of this attack, and your proximity to the potential damage, and dodge out of the way when neccessary.

This is a really interesting stage of the fight. You’re still being forced to climb upwards away from the fire, but now you have a solid target that requires a lot of attacking at some points. Pulling all of this movement and attacks together is not easy. In many ways it’s completely unqieu to this fight.

The enemies will continue phasing in and out of one or three forms. Keep up the barrage of damage, but be carful to avoid taking too much yourself. If you keep this up, you should make short work of Tres Angustias.


Tres Angustias are three sisters, dressed head to toe in black. Their appearance is said to mirror their inner anguish and torment. Who they were before The Miracle got to them isn’t known, but now they share everything, including their phyiscal form. (Alprazolam)

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