Demon’s Souls is a game that’s absolutely packed with bosses. Regardless of whether you’re taking on a tiny human-sizes boss, or a gigantic monstrosity from the world of demon’s, they’re all tough. In this guide, we’re going to cover exactly what the Flamelurker is, and how you can push yourself to beat it before it pummels you into ash.


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The Flamelurker has a limited moveset. While this doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to beat, it does make it easier to track. Pay attention and you could avoid taking any damage at all.

The first attack we have is a fire blast. This is when the boss smashes the ground with one fist, creating a blast of fire. To avoid it, dodge out of the way. If you see it coming, try to get behind it. Once the boss has finished the attack, it’ll be open for you to slash some health off of it. As long as you’re quick.

Next up, we have the hand swipe. This sees the boss try to bat at you with one of its hands. It could be either. This attack can be dodged, but it’s also blockable. If you’re character has a decent shield, and enough stamina, try to block through it and get an attack or two in.

The Big Ones

Now there’s the pounce. The boss will growl and put both of its hands on the ground to get ready for this one. Then it’s going to launch itself at you. To avoid it, dodge out of the way. You don’t want this attack to land, trust me. If you roll towards the boss when it pounces, it will open a window for a couple of hits. Just get them in fast and without getting hurt.

Finally, we have the fire smash. The boss telegraphs this attack by growling, and pulling both of its hands over its head. It’s intention is to smash the ground and cause an AoE attack. This sees fire blast out all around it and damage everything near it. Including you.

This attack is best to avoid. Just back off and get away from it if you can. However, you can block it if you need to. The blast will come at you, so pull up your shield.


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The best thing to do with this boss, regardless of your weapons and armour, is to get up close and hit it as hard as you can. There are various builds that will help you with fire resistance, or focus on a particular weapon. the best thing you can do is just smash it in the face though. This boss is great at closing the distance, so ranged strategies tend to fall down a bit compared to close range ones.


Since ancient times, a demon has been sealed underground with dragon bones. This boss is a humanoid that’s completely covered with fire. While there’s no official word on where it came from, my money is on it blending with the dragon bones that it’s been surrounded by all these centuries. Maybe it was once a dragon, and now it’s devolved to this state.

That’s everything there is to know about the Flamelurker. If you’re stuck on other bosses in the game, check out our guides for: Armored Spider, Tower Knight, The Penetrator, and Phalanx.