The Old Monk is easily the most interesting boss in Demon’s Souls. It’s a boss that’s been carefully crafted to test everything that players will have learned up until facing it. There are very few ways to prepare for it, as will become clear shortly. All you need to know is that this will be a true test of your abilities. Don’t go into this one with anything less than your best skills and weapons. (Xanax)

What is the Old Monk Boss?

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This boss can be one of two things. If you’re online, another player can invade your world and become the boss. This means that you’ll be facing a powerful boss that is controlled by another player. Taking PvP to an entirely new level. this may not be your sound of fun, but for many, it’s the ultimate challenge.

If you’re playing offline, however, the boss will be powered by a Black Phantom NPC AI. This is like any of the named Black Phantoms in the game. They’re powerful, but not as clever as other players.


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Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict what other players will do as the boss. However, we can walk you through what to do against what we know. These are the attacks and appropriate responses to the boss in its AI form.

The first thing the boss will do is perform jabs. These can deal a little damage and stun lock you. Don’t get caught out. You can block them, though it will deplete stamina. Just make sure you dodge out of the way when you can.

Now there’s the forward horizontal slash. This sees the boss roll forward and slash. You can avoid this by dodging to either side. If you do, get some hits in. The boss will take a while to recover from the attack.

The boss can also pull out an uppercut attack. This begins with a bit of windup, so watch out for it and you’ll be able to avoid it. The attack ends with a long animation, opening up time for plenty of hits. Your best bet here is to dodge and then go for a powerful backstab attack.

If you attack too often with the same attack, the boss will parry you. There’s no avoiding this, and it could see the boss kill you in the end. Don’t get greedy with your hits. Get a few in and then back off. If you’re careful, you’ll kill the boss before it can predict your next attack.


The boss can also pull out a Homing Soul Arrow. He’ll summon two and send them blasting after you. As more of them appear, they become harder to dodge. Stay close and bait the boss into melee attacks to avoid being destroyed by these magical attacks.

Finally, the boss will occasionally pull out a Soul Ray. This is a big blast of energy that will deal devastating damage to you. Dodge to either side to avoid it and get some damage in. You’re best to stay close to avoid the attack being used at all.

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